How to Start a Design Firm

Starting a design firm for a business is one of the best ideas today. You can start small yet earn big. You can even have the chance to make it big.

Most people today who like to venture in a design firm are asking how they can start their own design firm without high startup funds or capital.

Can they really start a design firm if they can’t produce large sum of money for the capital? However, if your heart is really rested on a design business, then the best way is to just start small. Establishing a career in this field does not necessarily means that you will establish a huge design firm in the beginning with office space and staffs or so. Your “firm” can be just you. Yes, there may be some capital or startup cost but a design business firm can be very low overhead. So, if you can’t really afford 6 staffs and an office space, then you are not really ready to be at the level of true “firm” so you must start small.

Design Firm from Home

Rent is one of the highest and most expensive expenses in a design firm. So, working from your own home, especially while you are just starting your business can definitely save you a significant amount of money. Just set up an office space inside your home dedicated for your business so that you can easily work without being distracted. Well, you can’t hold meetings with your clients at your house but many clients prefer that you would go to them instead of them to you. You can also arrange over lunch meetings at some convenient places. Yes, this might be not the best idea but you can definitely save a lot of money from renting and some other additional utilities. There are many design businesses that stay in a home and do not move into an office space.

Avoid Buying all at Once

There are lots of software and equipments to buy to help you in your design work. Nevertheless, many of them are not necessarily needed in the start. Just begin with the most important design software that may be suited on what you want to do. Mostly, you can accomplish a lot by just one to two major applications while you may spend your money for completing other task. Just start with the most basic such as computer. Then, as your business profit, you can purchase scanners, graphic tablets, and some other design equipments.

Find Great Deals

When buying the things you need to start your business, find some hot deals. Older models of computers or refurbished ones can be bought directly from the manufacturers. They come with warranties and cost less. They are often powerful enough for the design work.

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  • Mach said on June 7, 2012
    Hi, I am from Penang, Malaysia. I have zero experience in designing and not much capital. However, i have lots of resources available regarding to designing. Even though, I don't know how to start it. I hope that i really can get some help over here. Thanks!


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