Business Holiday Gift Ideas

Business holiday gift ideas more often than not border on the types that are not only thoughtful but promotional as well.

Depending on the type of business there are several holiday gift ideas to choose from.

The most common of which for this type of season is the gift basket. These gift baskets may contain a variety of items, again depending on what you want to give and what the company wants to provide. Also you may decide on buying pre ordered gift baskets or simply creating your own. You can have these baskets either delivered to the doorstep of your recipient or have them left at their office address or more specifically on their work table. Decide on who you wish to give gift baskets to so that you may also avail of a wholesale discount for the items you choose, from the supplier. Usually the items that are in gift baskets are food items such as fruits and snacks or holiday treats.

Another popular business holiday gift idea is logo merchandise or company promotional items. These items are those that contain the company name or logo on them. Again, there is a broad spectrum and wide variety of items to choose from. It would be best at this point to partner or set up a contract with a manufacturer or supplier of these items so as to garner cheaper rates and other promotional offerings. Common items include simple stationary and office supplies, tumblers and mugs, recreational or entertainment items and many more. Also depending on the growth and popularity of your business, the promotional items may be as simple as office stationary or t-shirts to as elaborate as a customized watch or mp3 player. You may also decide whether to give these items individually or include a variety in a promotional package.

Traditionally, during the festive season the company will send out either Turkeys or Hams to their clients or employees. This is one of the simplest business holiday gift ideas available and as always, it is best to make your purchases for this in bulk to benefit from the wholesale price from the supplier.

Other holiday items include small jars or tins of cookies, cakes and other festive holiday treats that you may give out individually to co workers and other employees.

Keep in mind that with business holiday gift ideas it is important to plan ahead. Rates and stocks only increase further into the holiday season and it is best to meet these beforehand to ensure that you are able to avail of the items you want and need. Take into consideration as well the holiday people may be taking during this season. Plan accordingly based on the schedule of your suppliers as well as the recipients of your gifts. Because of this it is important to remember to keep within shipping deadlines; this is one of the busiest seasons for mail and transportation so remember to keep on time.


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