How Much Money Needed to Start a Business

Starting a business is usually difficult. There are many things that you have to take into account before you can establish it. There is also the ever present problem of financing your business.

However, the financial concerns of a business will depend on what business you are planning to venture.

Small businesses obviously need smaller financing than compared to those big time businesses. There are many things to consider when it comes to financing your establishment. First is the location. It will be an advantage to you if you own the place where you are going to build your business establishment. However, if you are planning on renting a place, this will add up to your expenses. Bear in mind that locations have different charge rates. Those located in urban places, especially near other private or government establishments cost expensive. On the other hand, those in rural areas cost much lesser. Also, when renting a place, it might be on a monthly basis or annually. It will depend on the owner of the place. If you have already a target place, scout for the areas with the lowest rental fee to save money. It is important for you to be thrifty in this situation because you have other things you have to think about, not only the rental fee of your future business establishment. Make sure that in selecting a place you have to consider its accessibility to your prospective customers.

Your second concern will be the materials needed for your business establishment. Find out the cost of the utilities that are important for your business to operate. This will include cases displays, counters, registers, and other essential stuffs. Look for sales. Buy those having low amount. The most effective way of knowing the most inexpensive materials is for you to shop around. However, you must not also sacrifice the quality of your materials. Or else you’ll end up buying the same materials again. And if you can buy all these things in just one shot then do it. You will never know when luck will be on your side. You might have a discount for buying several materials. Aside from that, you can also save time. So have someone accompany you when buying materials.

The third matter that you need to attend to is your personnel. On the beginning of your business, you have to finance the salary of your employees. It is usually advice for new entrepreneurs of having at least two or three employees on their business establishment. This is because it is very much advantageous on your business when you have employees who can manage it in your absence. In this case, you have to make sure that the employees that you will hire are reliable and trustworthy. So conduct a background check first before hiring someone. However, if you think you can manage your business alone then hiring employees is not necessary. Have the aid of your family. Think of every possible way of saving money.

All of the things mentioned above are the basic financing expenses of establishing a business. So if you are planning to build one, do a research of all these concerns. Ask about their cost. Canvass on the prices of the materials. Then, sum it all up and multiply it by three months worth of cost. The answer will be the amount of financing that you need to start your business.


  • Nombuso said on October 23, 2012
    I'm from south africa, gauteng, kwathema, I want to start a cleaning company, so far I have nothing I just need more info of how to register, where to register, what are the requirements to register a company.
  • Lesego said on March 18, 2013
    South Africa, pretoria I'm a unisa student en i would love to start my own cleaning company, so i was thinking of doing domestic en commercial cleaning business, but i dont have de finance to start. I would luv to get more information abt how much money is needed to start de cleaning company.
  • Andrew said on March 19, 2013
    I would like to start cleaning services business at Johannesburg south Africa I want more information about it,where should I register and all requirement and how much it will cost me to register and to establish it. Thanks in advance hoping for positive respond
  • nonceba madyibi said on June 8, 2014
    Nonceba Mthatha Eastern Cape. I want to start my own cleaning service company
  • faith said on June 14, 2016
    faith masoka I have already registered a cleaning company but I don't have any finances to start so what do I do
  • Thandiwe said on July 20, 2017
    want to start cleaning company for long time. how much do i prepare for starting. i'm trying to do the co-orps for the ladies in my area lit of us cant find job


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