Steps to Start a Guitar Shop

Are you wondering how you could start a guitar shop and start it best? Here is a guide that goes out of the typical ways one could start a business.

We have tips on how you should envision your guitar shop so that you deliver what customers want and thus get good sales.

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Do you have What it Takes to Start a Guitar Shop?

Typically, if you are planning to put up a business, you’d need to come up with a business plan, choose a location and business structure, think of financing options and secure necessary licenses and permits. You’d definitely go through these processes, if you’re thinking of starting a guitar shop. But more importantly, you’d need to think, at the start, how you could best sell your product.

If you are planning to put up a guitar shop, it would be best if you must ask yourself what you would be looking for from a guitar shop if you want to buy a guitar or some music accessories. If you are a beginner in guitar playing, it would do good to know which guitar is suited for your kind of music, and what size would fit you most. It would be good if you, as a shop owner, would be able to give your customers some helpful and genuine advice. And so knowledge and true passion for the craft and instrument could do your business a lot of good.

If you are planning to go online just like many guitar shops, you could pitch your sale better, in the same way, by providing as much information about the guitars you are selling. Since your customer won’t have the opportunity to get the feel of your items, you’d need to post pictures of your merchandise. Take, then, good photographs of the guitars you are selling.

Factors to Consider When Starting a Guitar Shop

Buyers would typically compare prices for the goods they are planning to buy. Make sure then that you are offering realistic prices for your product. Do a research to see whether you are selling competitive prices for the same models. If you are selling at a higher price, explain why. Also be clear about your prices. Hidden charges are turn offs. As a buyer you’d feel bad about paying more than what you were initially offered. Typically, sellers include VAT and shipping charges in their offering prices.

Buyers near you would operate your shop would typically visit the location to try the guitar of the gear they are buying. They’d normally want to compare one model with other. At the start of your business, you might have your space just enough for your display. But if you have plans of adding stocks, you’d eventually need a storage area for these additional items. Consider this in your startup.

In a different note, as a seller, one of the most important things you should decide on in this business is where to source your supplies. In this aspect, research is your best tool. Find supplier listing in the Net and compare their offerings.


  • Fabian Minnema said on February 19, 2009
    Great insight, is there anything else you can send me to help? Thanks. Fabian Minnema
  • Jonathan Woods said on May 4, 2009
    How would i go about getting more guitars into the store? Would i have to buy them all myself?
  • Ryan Rohloff said on September 29, 2009
    Jonathan, to get guitars in your store, you need to contact the company and see if they will make you a retailer; however, you can't have a business selling the same guitar brand, as another store, within a certain mile range... the longest I heard of was 50 miles.
  • Aakash Raj said on February 23, 2010
    I want to open a guitar shop in meerut, uttar pradesh, india
  • Tim said on November 21, 2010
    I am looking at your web page for some insight into a very important & expensive step in my life. What I noticed, more than anything else, was the improper use of grammar & lack of spell checking in this one article. It does not give me much confidence in your advice.
  • John said on December 16, 2010
    Well, Tim..if you ask me, I wouldn't be too concerned with the author's spelling and grammar. It's knowledge after all, not an A in English. You have to be an experienced guitarist for many years before you open a shop. If you are looking for some article that's going to tell you how , then I would suggest that you are not ready to run a shop. It's something one must transition into over time. See if you can get a job at guitar center or another shop first. If you can't make it as an employee, you'll never make it as an owner.
  • David said on April 6, 2011
    John, thanks for the advice(even though you werent talking to me). I will look into working at GC.
  • Shawn said on June 23, 2011
    I have been playing for 35 years - I love guitars and all instruments and music. I want to be a "buyer" for a guitar shop. I am great at scouring the net and auctions and doing the research to find the deals that can be profitable. I have a degree in Economics, Computer Science, and Math and have studied bidding and auction markets. I just don't have enough money to buy all the guitars I see that are valuable and being undervalued or will increase in value over time. I have over 25 guitars at the moment.
  • Trent said on April 9, 2013
    Above all else.. You need guitars. If you want to sell guitars.. You need that. And capital. You need some money and possibly sponsors. Advertising is also something to consider. Scour the internet and buy some guitars you think you could profit off of. There are lots of people under pricing guitars on eBay.
  • Greg Dawson said on May 19, 2015
    East Texas Elkhart 75839
  • Greg Dawson said on May 22, 2015
    Need Business plan


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