Starting Your Own Rag Shop

Perhaps you have the flair for crafts like rags and you wish to start your own rag shop business, but you don’t know how to begin the venture.

You don’t need to look for a business startup guide any longer, as we will guide you in starting your own rag shop business.

It is not actually difficult to start your own rag shop business. This is because the business is small, and can actually be marketed both online and offline. This means that, despite its size, you can actually start a rag shop with just a few people and an Internet connection.

Specifically, these are the things that you would need in order to start your own rag shop business.

Sewing Materials

These will be used to come up with your rags. Rags can be sewn and quilted, so you would need materials for that like needles, threads, and machines. Raw materials such as flannel (ideal for quilted rags) will also be needed.

Because you are engaged in a business, you need to find a supplier that can supply you these items for a discounted price. Make sure to buy wholesale in order to avail of that discount. Look around your area to find suppliers that offer the best prices or search the Internet for a wider range of choices.

A Workshop

This is where your sewers will sew up your rags for you. Since you are still starting, it doesn’t have to be big. In fact, you can use your garage if it is spacious enough, or the attic of your home. You might consider leasing space if your business grows soon enough, but for starters, you can lower your capital expenditures by just using available space at your home.

If you do not wish to have your privacy disturbed by having a workshop right at your home, you can start looking for cheap office spaces for lease. It doesn’t have to be too big either, just enough to house your supplies and equipment. The most important part of starting a rag business is to lower capital expenditures so it would be easier and less risky to recover your capital.


Like mentioned beforehand, a rag shop business can start with relatively low expenses compared to other businesses. And, with the wonders of technology these days, it is actually very easy to market small businesses effectively through the Internet.

If you have the capital for it, you can commission a professionally-designed website to be created for your business. If not, you can just sign up in social networking websites like Multiply and use your account there to market your products. You can then promote your site through article distribution, or through pay per click advertising.

For offline marketing, you can give away calling cards to people or organizations that might need suppliers for their rag needs. Make sure to use only professionally-designed calling cards to supplement your legitimate image.


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  • Jay said on June 23, 2009
    I am really looking forward to establishing my own Detail Shop with a prime location at the cost of $800 per month. Is this expense reasonable despite the economy today? Any advice on how to make this business profitable?


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