Starting an LLC in California

California is one of the centers of trades in the whole world. Because of this fact, LCC business might be a nice venture for you.

If you are planning to engage in this kind of profession, you have to know some of the tips in starting an LLC in California.

Before you enjoy the fruits of your LLC business, you must first be abided with the tips in starting an LLC in California. These tips will make you track the right path towards the success of this business.

Log in to the California Business Portal

First, you have to open the browser of your web and type the address of the business portal of California. In entering in this site, you needed to click the button for Limited Liability Corporations. You have to bookmark this page once you have successfully logged in. After that, you have to check the presence of the availability of your desired name for your company by means of clicking the third item that you may find on the menu's left side. In the lower part of the search bar, you can type your proposed name. You may type several name variations in order to fully check the similarity of your desired business name.

Make Reservation

After you have successfully formulated your business name, you can send now the request to have a reserved slot for your LLC. There are several steps associated with this:

  • • First, you have to click the reserve button on the left side Menu of the site
  • • Click the Reservation Request from Button
  • • Fill up the form with the information asked from you
  • • Send the form to the SOS or the Secretary of State with a check that amounts to $10

Accomplishing of the Organization Form

Upon the submission of the form, you need now to fill up now the organization form that is also downloadable in the site. To do this, you have to click the main page of the Limited Liability Corporation of the site then find the button of Forms and Fees. Once you are already in this page, you need now to enter the name of your LLC as well as the name of the LLC agent. The agent must be a Californian resident and agrees with the process associated with the LLC. Just in case the agent is corporation, see to it that is registered legitimately.

Accomplishing Managerial Form

If you want one manager for your LLC, you have to click the item 5 box in the site. You alone can be the single moderator of your LLC. What you need to do when you have already entered in this section is to type your name as well as the date then make sure that you have printed your name on the 7th item. Once you have completed this, you can mail it to SOS with matching $70 as fee for the processing. The duration of the processing will take 5-7 weeks.


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