Starting a Speaking Business

If you want a business that can help those people who want to inspire others by what they have done or overcome successfully either loss of a loved one or financial hardship, then starting a speaking business is good for you.

This can be the business of your dreams where you can achieve success.

Introduction to Starting a Speaking Business

Motivational speakers are those people who can greatly arouse the intense emotion of many people by using their words as well as body language. Many people are generally inspired by other people who have successfully overcome any adversities such as loss of loved ones or financial hardships. Such inspiration also includes people who achieved a really great success such as Laura Bush or Bill Gates. Nevertheless, anyone who has the determination and desire to succeed in any field can be a motivational speaker since there is no formal training or higher education required for this career.

Passion and Competition

First and foremost is to be passionate about your chosen subject. If you can’t make the people believe that you are sincere and passionate about your subject then you can’t be a successful motivational speaker. You must really love what you do to be able to achieve your goal and be successful. Then, you must know your competitors. Try to participate to as many motivational seminars as you can take and take necessary notes so that you’ll always remember the things that these seminars emphasized. If you have some questions, do not be afraid to ask the speaker after the seminar. Keep in mind that people are usually inclined to help other people. Furthermore, try to listen to great speakers because you can pick up some interesting points to teach in your speaking business.

Promotional and Marketing Strategies

Create an excellent promotional packet that generally includes your photograph, biography, niche information, client testimonials, as well as other important information that can help your business. Distribute to as many people as you can. Then, develop a very aggressive strategy for marketing that uses different kinds of media like magazines, newspapers, television, and of course the internet. The more people can see your name, the more they can remember you and hire you possibly in the future.

Produce great marketing materials that people can purchase and make sure that you brand everything with necessary information about you as well as your image. You can also offer your local Rotary Club, or your church or library a free program at first. It can also help you improve your resume and your self confidence too.


  • Robin said on March 26, 2015
    Use this informational research criteria for self help.
  • Brenda said on March 30, 2015
    I am the process of doing this speaking business please give me tip how exactly will I make money without cheating myself and my clients
  • Sayed beginner adviser said on January 25, 2017
    @brenda, you need to get trained as a professional speaker, reading, writing and professional grasping and presentation skills in front of an audience, once you have learnt how to modulate your voice and then honing skills towards public speaking , articulating , group discussions, developing confidence, developing speeches and presentation then you can enlist or be on a panel with event companies who require master of ceremonies or presenters or even on traditional media such as online or tv or radio and so on. you can write to me for more details, kind regards. Sayed || TV Channel Business Consultant


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