“Starting a Plastic Manufacturing Plant”
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  • SUSHOBHIT AGARWAL said on October 19, 2013
    dear sir, i want to setup one pvc pipe manufacturing plant at lucknow. kindly provide all the details of machinery with investment required in it
  • VIJAI BHASKAR expert adviser said on October 19, 2013

    @vijendra singh, There are many plastic materials available as scrap - for ex : HDPE Bottles, PET Bottles, PP Containers , LDPE/HDPE/PP Bags , PP Woven sacks. Once you check the availability of scrap ensure its continuous supply and price. Min output should be 100 kg/hr .So your requirement of scrap of single quality of material is 100 Tons per month. You will need a multistrand extruder with pelletizer , grinder, washing tank,drying area , agglomerator . You will first grind and then wash the plastic .The dry it and extrude into pellets .You will need atleast 10000 sqft of shed so that you have space to hold,scrap,finished goods. I can show you a line and arrange machinery from Hyderabad. Average machinery cost will be around 20 .00 lacs. Average working capital would be around 20.00 lacs per month .Manpower requirement will be 3 skilled and 15 for 3shift operation. Average profit will be 5 lacs per month. You will need to be highly focused to run this operation.

    vijaibhaskar@gmail.com || Plastic Manufacturing Consultant

  • Pradip Rabidas said on October 20, 2013
  • sanjay sharma said on October 23, 2013
    hello sir i am sanjay sharma from kurukshetra haryana.Sir i want to set up a plastic goods manufacturing plant such as Buckets,mugs,glasses etc. So please tell me about the space requirements and capital as well.And norms of Haryana govt.And cost of new machines.Thank you.Sir
  • SANJEEV KUMAR said on October 24, 2013
    hello sir, i wish to start my own business of plastic disposal glass and cup in bihar. please give all information about this project like their production machinery, raw material, total investment, man power etc. glad to receive your response.
  • mohit v. bhende said on October 25, 2013
    hi, i want to start a small time business in plastic manufacturing, e.g. polythene bags, disposable plastic cups, glasses etc. i would like the establishment cost, technical know-how, machinery required, manpower required market details and experience required in any production plant.
  • VIJAI BHASKAR expert adviser said on October 25, 2013

    @SANJEEV KUMAR,@mohit v.bhende, Plastics bags unit will be a 100 .00 lacs project .It will incude , bagmaker, printing machinery. Disposable cups unit will around 150 lacs .it will include sheet line , 2 thermoformers , moulds, grinder, compressors and chilling units . manpower required skilled : 5 unskilled : 10 for 2 shift operation.  vijaibhaskar@gmail.com

    vijaibhaskar@gmail.com || Plastic Manufacturing Consultant

  • Afzaal Ahmad Hashmi said on October 26, 2013
    AOA i am from Lahore Pakistan i want to start a new business any brother advised me to run up a bucket unit of pet likely 5 and 10 kg or purchasing 5 or 10 kg bucket for supplying please anyone help me for this is it better to produced or buying for me and also to help me about used machinery thanks
  • sushma mishra said on October 31, 2013
    hi sir, i have done mba from jabalpur (MP) I HAVE STARTED OWN BUSINESS BUT I AM NOT DECIDED
  • VIJAI BHASKAR expert adviser said on October 31, 2013

    @sushma mishra, This is not a facebook page .This is for serious discussions on setting up industries . Please refrain from writing such remarks.

    vijaibhaskar@gmail.com || Plastic Manufacturing Consultant

  • narayana murthy said on November 1, 2013
    Dear sir, i like to start business plastic glass mfg, disposable glass mfg, T shirt plastic cover & some plastic item, what i can, please give to me suggestion. bye
  • Vibha Barge said on November 6, 2013
    Dear Sir, I want to start my own Plastics Small scale industry. I am PG Diploma in Plastics Technology from CIPET & currently working in Pvt. Company. Which SSI business is more profitable & market oriented. What is the bare minimum investment to start any plastic manufacturing business. Is there any SSI Institute in Thane. Please guide. Thanks.
  • himanshu patel said on November 6, 2013
    Hello sir my name is himanshu patel living in india small district rajnandgaon of chattisgarh state I want to establish plastic door factory in my home town I want to get a basic help from you sir such as relating machneries and expenses before production sir kindly help me thanks
  • VIJAI BHASKAR expert adviser said on November 6, 2013
    @Vibha Barge , Unless you are clear about what you want to do and investment levels it is highly difficult for anybody to advise you. Would you like a for profit or social project ? Please reply for proper guidance.. VIJAI BHASKAR

    vijaibhaskar@gmail.com || Plastic Manufacturing Consultant

  • VIJAI BHASKAR expert adviser said on November 6, 2013

    @himanshu patel, please start  by trading as Plastic doors are made of PVC or uPVC. Both are different . uPVC products are more costly  and are used by builders today. But you will have to procure profiles and fabricate as per measurement of doors and windows. There are many qualities but as timber market is dominated by patidars even this product has been monapolised by them . But they lack skills to manufacture profiles all by themselves. Profiles are sourced mainly from china and there are  few manufacturers in India. Minimum investment in fabrication of uPVC windows and doors will be around 25 .00 lacs

    PVC doors are mostly used as bathroom doors. There are few manufacturers and they can be easily fabricated with little investment. Trading will help you understand the market .Then you can plan for manufacturing later. Indian Industry suffers from nonsensical government laws which do not allow the industry to grow and propser. For the sake of votes they have messed up the economy and ensured you cannot get cost effective manpower and burden with useless tax laws. If you want to earn money you just import and sell . That is what most MNCs and every company is doing. If you are not convinced please go ahead and give it a try.

    vijaibhaskar@gmail.com || Plastic Manufacturing Consultant

  • Onos E said on November 7, 2013
    Hello Sir, I am planning to set up a PVC pipe plant in Nigeria mainly used for plumbing purposes. Please suggest the land requirement, raw material, man power need, most efficient/effective type of machinery with low maintenance cost to buy and above all capital investment matched with profit margin. I hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks! Regards, Onos
  • harish said on November 8, 2013
    dear sir I want to start plastic disposable plant in rajasthan. please tell me scope and all detail about plant
  • sanjay kumar said on November 8, 2013
    Hello! sir i am a electrical engineer i like to start my own small production like making of electric switch[on/off] with the help of plastic. ple. suggest me plastic molding machine with cost. first i start at home. so small machine not so high cost .
  • md afghan said on November 10, 2013
    i want to set up either plastic or paper cup manufacturing unit in muzaffarnagar(UP). i have half acre land and i can initially spent 10-15 lakhs. please help me regarding this. its very urgent.
  • chandra sekhar said on November 10, 2013
    Hi sir, I am from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh i am planning to start a plastic bottle manufacturing unit can u plz help me to know the details of the machinery used and the price of the machinery
  • Neeraj Verma said on November 11, 2013
    Dear sir, I want to start my own business in plastic molding (small toys and daily use items). my location is Noida, UP, INDIA). I want to know about investment and whole process to setup it. +91-9899591934
  • santosh kumqr said on November 11, 2013
    sir i am santosh kumar from jharkhand state district...(chatra). sir i want to open a factory of thermacol foam sheet. pls guide related about this. that how much capital. land etc required for this. pls sir guide me. 9308779916.. 8506855875 9709211902...
  • Sanjeev said on November 11, 2013
    Dear Sir, Currently I am working in KPO (Financial Services), I belong to Siwan (Bihar) and I am interested to start Disposal plates and Glass factory at my home town, however I am leaving in Delhi, could you guide me what would be investment and how it will be profitable.
  • VIJAI BHASKAR expert adviser said on November 11, 2013

    @santosh kumar You have not mentioned for which application you wish to use. For normal sheet you will need just a block moulding machine and cutting machine with which ancillaries like prefoamer and boiler all put together will cost around 50 lacs. Your investment should be in the range of 20 lacs for term and working capital loan. let me know if you have any queries:

    vijaibhaskar@gmail.com || Plastic Manufacturing Consultant

  • Rajavenkatesh said on November 11, 2013
    Dear Sir, I am from chennai. I am to start a plastic manufacturing unit, but i am sure not about the product to manufacture since there are lots of products in plastic and also need to identify the demand of the product. AWAITING FOR YOUR REPLY.
  • VIJAI BHASKAR expert adviser said on November 12, 2013

    @Rajavenkatesh, @R.Mohan What is your investment level? What is your qualification and experience ? Would you like unique product or already established product? Kindly answer at the earliest.

    vijaibhaskar@gmail.com || Plastic Manufacturing Consultant

  • ERMIAS WORKU said on November 13, 2013
    Dear sir: I'm interested in setting up a plastic furniture industry in Ethiopia where the raw material is recyclable plastics pet & pe. pls send me some info on this matter. Thanks & rgds
  • ganesh vitkar said on November 15, 2013
    Hi I am ganesh. I am interested in starting Plastic Manufacturing Plant. plz tell me the procedure to start up this business and details of investment and related details.
  • Karan Kothari said on November 19, 2013
    Respected sir, I am karan from ahmedabad, gujarat. I want to start my own business in household plastic item making plant & make bright future in plastic industry but i have only 3.lakhs for investment so please give details of machine which i buy & start production. THANKS.
  • lokendra said on November 20, 2013
    I am mechanical engineering student . i want to start a plastic injection moulding plant for home uses equipment so please sir give me advice how much capital are required initially started this plant and which place are suitable for purchased all machinery.
  • ANUP KUMAR PRASAD said on November 22, 2013
    sir. i am fm kolkata.(India), i want to start plastic injection module factory..so plz. can u reply me abt investment and project....
  • Mahesh Shete said on November 22, 2013
    I want to start a plastic carry bag unit in maharastra send me machinery details, specification & prince
  • PATEL GIRISH said on November 22, 2013
    hello i want to start plastic business. so will you say me what is investment for it?
  • PATEL GIRISH said on November 22, 2013
    hello, sir i want to start plastic business. so say how much investment should be for it?
  • Sameer Wachasundar said on November 23, 2013
    Sir, I am a Civil Engineer from Goa. I am interested in starting disposable plastic garbage bags manufacturing unit. What will be the machinery and labour required and total investment required for the project? Awaiting eagerly for your reply. Mob - 09822129925
  • hemant jadhav said on November 25, 2013
    Greeting sir mam, I am from midal class family n i have no business background i am living Maharashtra India I want to start a plastic toys & bucket, mag, glass, and other daily used products so how much investment required and land, any subsidy government give for business in India please guide. I want to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • ANKIT KARAMCHANDANI said on November 26, 2013
    Sir, i am from ahmedabad. I want to develop a plastic crates plant so i need to know which kind of machines i should buy n different dies. kindly help me. regarding this. Thanks
  • Saqlain Afzal said on November 27, 2013
    Sir, I am located at Lahore - Pakistan. I intend to set up a soft tube plastic plant, meant to produce soft tubes of different sizes for medicines(Creams, gels, ointments), pastes etc. To cut my expenses to bare minimum, I have thought of buying a used plant(good condition)as a beginner and later resort to expansion with more plants. Can you please help me in knowing that from where I can procure such plant, its most economical price and other relevant details relating to its capacity, infrastructure and manpower required, methodology of operations etc. I shall be grateful to you for this favour. Regards, Saqlain
  • Mohd. Sohail said on November 28, 2013
    sir, i am from Rajasthan. i want to start a new plastic bag plant in which we produce pp, pvp & all types of plastic bag. i want to know about the costing and about the raw material supply chain. we are new in this business so want your advise please guide me.
  • Vikas said on November 28, 2013
    Sir, My name is Vikas, Working as an Sales Manager in MNC Eyecare Company. Want to start my business of manufacturing plastic bags which are manufactured in different colours through use of granules. Please suggest what will be the Investment on Machinery and other Start-up cost for the Plant. And I have heard something about coloured Plastic Carry Bags, that they are manufactured through waste granules not fresh ones. And those waste granules which are recycled for manufacturing Coloured Plastic bags are available at a real low cost in the market. Regards, Vikas Chandwani, 9004933480
  • BALRAM PRASAD said on November 28, 2013
    I have space any one required then contact to me in Ranchi, kanke block.
  • Zorigoo said on December 1, 2013
    Dear all, I would like start plastic cap and plugs making business in Mongolia. My idea are:
    1. use plastic liquid/oil etc/ bottles or containers
    2. use thermoforming machine I do know which is good for me to print dust caps plugs for auto service business.
    please advice me how to start where can I get the machines etc.,
    Thank you
  • nilesh surwade said on December 1, 2013
    hi sir, i am planning to start small scale plastic business with my partner who is having knowledge of plastic industry. but i am not aware of it that much still i am interested to money in my frnds business. can you pls tell whats machine cost and what kind of licenses require for to start business and from where i ll get that. thank you
  • varun kulakant jha said on December 1, 2013
    I am interested to small plastic plant manuf idea needed buckets mugs jaars fridge bottles etc total cost and work started ideas and profits
  • ANKIT said on December 1, 2013
  • deepak kumawat said on December 2, 2013
    hello sir, i would like to start new plastic pipe plant and i have 10 lack and running m.b.a so where i am contacting and how many investment
  • SANJAY SINGH said on December 2, 2013
    Dear Sir , I want to setup own business a plastic bag ( regular use in shop / vegetable ) machine in silvassa / vapi . please help me how much expanses and second machine setup total cost .
  • VIJAI BHASKAR expert adviser said on December 3, 2013

    @avinash.p.nandeshwar, i am writing about Plastics recycling. 
    1st step: Locate sources of waste.Preferably segregated waste (  type of plastic ,colour)  even at the cost of Rs10 - 20. 
    2nd step : Setup grinder , wash line , dryer , strand extruder , cutter , drier .
    3rd step : locate customers who can use the recycled plastic . mostly injection moulded parts, blow moulded parts, extrusion products like pipes, tarpaulin , buckets, pots, etc.
    You can sell the plastic at least at 60-100 Rs based on impurity level.The virgin plastics are around   125 Rs. There are machinery suppliers in India. Best of luck

    Recycling is profitable only when done end to end. Getting Plastic waste regularly is the biggest challenge. Once you are able to source that you will need to segregate them into LDPE, HDPE, HMHDPE, PP, PVC etc. Each material needs to be processed separately. They need to be shredded washed and dried. Then they are put in an extruder and strand cut to granules. Based on the impurity level suitable colours can be added.

    Once each product is obtained it is to be ensured they dont mix. Then you can make may types of products can be made by putting them in Injection moudling  machines with suitable dies or moulds. Buckets, mugs, soap boxes, combs, fridge stands, chairs, clamps, pots, etc are some of the many products that can be made this way. for approx .100 kg/hr of plastic recycling you need to have an extruder which is 100 mm dia with AC variable drive with 10 strand die and cutter, washing line, grinders, drying trays and colour mixer. Injection moulding 100 -600 Tons machines with multicavity dies suited for the product being manufactured.

    vijaibhaskar@gmail.com || Plastic Manufacturing Consultant

  • kumar rohit said on December 5, 2013
    I want to start own business of production of plastic gallon or jar 2 lit, 5lit. 10 lit. and bathing mug. This project started sight in Ramnagar Industrial Estate, Chandauli, U.P. My land size of 20x92 Sq.f. How to start this project please guide me- total investment, official process, material and machine required, where purchase and sale and this is profitable business? what percentage of profit.
  • Meera kumari said on December 8, 2013
    i want to know how much capital required and strategy to set up plastic factory in jharkhand.
  • BALASAHEB KHANDEBHARAD said on December 8, 2013
    I am starting my own business of plastics manufacturing company so kindly guide me.
  • VIJAI BHASKAR expert adviser said on December 8, 2013

    @BALASAHEB KHANDEBHARAD, @Meera kumari, What product do you plan to manufacture ? What capacity in tons per month ? What is the market you are targeting?

    vijaibhaskar@gmail.com || Plastic Manufacturing Consultant

  • Rao Ray Singh said on December 10, 2013
    Sir i m from rajesthan udaipur i want to manufacturer plant of plumbing fittings in pvc. know me how can we start its at my village.
  • vishal gupta said on December 10, 2013
  • RAHUL MEHTA said on December 10, 2013
    hallo sir/madam, i live in india state in hryana distric rohtak . plz tell me what is investment for this and others functions of disposable glasses manufacturing plant plz tell me
  • rahul singh said on December 14, 2013
    sir i want a small business of fiber plate and glass etc. but i know i live in chitrakoot karwi u.p.india please give me advice
  • dhiraj thakur said on December 14, 2013
    I want to start small scale plastic recycle plant of any kind which would be feasible to do
  • Tarun Mangla said on December 15, 2013
    Hello if anybody want to start a new business in bangalore of manufacturing steel wire bucket handles and have its own land and building in bangalore. Then it will be the new fruitful business there. If anybody interested can mail me for that its tarunenter@gmail.com
  • jyoti said on December 16, 2013
    I am interested to do business in plastic mold for the production of daily needs like chairs, bottles, bottles, and other daily plastic need. Kindly give me the detail information on how to start-up this business including machineries, raw materials and the technical know-how. I am in presently residing in mumbai. thanks
  • P. Daschowdhury. said on December 16, 2013
    I intend to start a small unit of PVC water and drainage pipe at Kolkata. Kindly help me by rendering your valued advise regarding the feasibility and required aspects together with license and other requirements. By any chance if you have any information about used excruder or other machines required for the said project, please recommend. Thanking you in an anticipation.
  • sudha jaiswal said on December 18, 2013
    i want to start a business of disposal glass and plates cups etc. i have sufficient land and investment of rs. 20 lakhs. please guide me about legal formalities, staffs, machines and in all way. plz rly soon
  • Ranjan Kumar said on December 18, 2013
    Dear Sir, I have done Diploma in plastics mould technology from Cipet ahmedabad I have a 6 month experience in ash win engineers company in ahmedabad as a post of plastic mold design engineer
  • Rajesh said on December 21, 2013
    we are manufacturer pet blowing machine (only machine) can you help me for sale the machines
  • Maxie said on December 21, 2013
    Good day. I am looking to start up a plastics/rubber manufacturing plant for medical supplies in Nigeria. Could you please link me with appropriate experts in Europe and China so that I can get good deals on setting up? Also I would appreciate any other general advice you would have. Thanks! Maxie
  • B.B.Mishra said on December 22, 2013
    I am trying to establish a manufacturing unit of 20 litre Pet Jar in 1500 sq. ft. land around my house. Is the pollution control certificate necessary ? Hope to receive an advice that is legally followed. Regards, Bhagalpur, Bihar
  • soumitra mandal said on December 24, 2013
    give me help start factory kanchrapara my phone no 8961949485
  • srinivas said on December 24, 2013
    My name is srinivas from hyderabad i can wanted to start a business of paper plates and paper cups unit near to hyderabad city please give me details where is machinery available and cost of machines and how is that business and who are buyers please explain
  • pawan said on December 25, 2013
    Hi Sir, I need the information pvc garden pipe plant. Can you mail me the project report and other necessary info . Looking forward for your help, Regards Pawan
  • AVINASH P. RAIMAL said on December 25, 2013
    Hello sir, I am Avinash from Maharastra state (Wardha district which is near Nagpur city). I want to start my own business or manufacturing factory for any product which is in small capital, upto 5 lakhs. Actually it is my dream from childhood that (business) will help some poor unemployed young. Please, guide me sir.
  • udhaya said on December 25, 2013
    hai I'm well experience in 15 yrs pvc pouches weld and stitching pouches if any interested party to start the industry pls contact me 8012099702
  • amitmodi said on December 25, 2013
    sir i want to make government supply goods, to survive in plastic LLDP films industry ,running on rural area of west bengal.
  • RAJESH TRIPATHI said on December 28, 2013
    I want to start a plastic paper cup manufacturing unit in Lucknow at small scale. Please let me have the cost of the project and suppliers of the machinery.
  • harshita said on January 1, 2014
    hello, i am interested in fiber product manufacturing business. but not have any experience related to it... i live in bhopal(mp)... if one could help me then it would a great help for me...
  • E Jamel said on January 2, 2014
    I am from Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa, i have no experience in this plastic business. I am interested in setting up a plastic cup, ditches, chairs, pipe, container, sandals moulding company, and i really need your help, to advice me, how many manpower I need to start, and where can I find the best machine to start this business?
  • vinayak kamble said on January 3, 2014
    Dear sir I am form Pune Maharastra . I want to start my plastic injection moulding business in pune. so please provide how to increase strategy & how to make marketing.
  • BISWAJIT BHADRA said on January 4, 2014
    sir i want to start a pvc/steel furniture manufacturing business but how i do it. coochbehar, west bengal.
  • george said on January 5, 2014
    sir, i am totally new to this field. i like to start a plastic industry. i am just finishing my graduation and i like to start my own business. i want to know about market trends, cost of starting an industry and all related thins. if you could help i would be grateful.
  • Ranjit kumar singh said on January 6, 2014
    Sir, I want to start a manufacturing unit in Bihar. Here the best opportunity is availability of Land and Hiring of Manpower in low cost. I want to start a unit at patna, bihar, please suggest me how I will start a unit with detail budget and market scope. with regards Susant.
  • paresh patil said on January 7, 2014
    i want to start a manufacturing plant small scale plastic (moulding)industries in alibaug maharashtra india with the Rs. 5 Lakh. i can dare to invest more if get some help from financial institutions . Please suggest the kind of industries suitable for investment. The products should also be of daily use.
  • sanjay khandre said on January 7, 2014
    sir i want to start a pp, hdpe, sugar bag making plant kindly guide me what machines i required and what is the minimum budget to start it
  • sanjay khandre said on January 7, 2014
    i want to start a sugar bag (plastic) manufacturing plant in bangalore karnataka
  • ANAND PADHI said on January 7, 2014
    Sir, I am from Rayagada, odisha, India. I Want to setup own business in Rayagada. Here the best opportunity is availability of land and Hiring of manpower in low cost. Please suggest me how i will start a unit with details budget and market scope. With regards Anand.
  • naresh said on January 8, 2014
    sir i am from chennai, i already have recycling plant, we are recycling delrin (pom), nylon granules for 3 years , i would like to start a molding company ,i an god in technical ,but the problem is what product i should mold and how to market it ...
  • Dipak Wadkar said on January 8, 2014
    Sir I am from Pandharpur, Dist.Solapur. I want to start manufacturing unit of tharmacoal disposable plates . also I am interested in manufacturing PET Bottles for packaged drinking water. so please help me for project report for minimum investment and also details of infra structure, Norms, total cost of machine. Thanks & regards
  • Dilip Singh said on January 10, 2014
    Hi sir, I want to set up a small plant for recycling of plastic or we can say making plastic granules at Jaipur. I am totally new in this field, although i surveyed few of the factories and location of same kind. Now i need a big help from your side, i want to know which are the machinery needed in this? cost of it? probable source of supply for the machines? their capacity, power consumption? Likely source of raw material at Jaipur and probable customers for processed goods? At last total lump sum investment.
  • SANJIV KUMAR said on January 12, 2014
    DEAR SIR, I am sanjiv from yamunanagar i want to start my own toys making business plz tell me detail
  • pintu said on January 12, 2014
    Dear sir. I want to start a small plastic kitchen ware & homeware manufacturing unit in kolkata, west bengal .please reply with details. I have no further idea
  • DILIP PATIL said on January 15, 2014
    I want to put plastics mug of 500 ml in market so what is the process for that means is it required own identification on produce and any name with material code any registration for own product
  • Manmohan Dhoot said on January 15, 2014
    ear sir, I want to start my own business in plastic disposable glass and cup (my location is maharastra, INDIA). i want to know about investment and give me full project report
  • varun kumar said on January 15, 2014
    R/SIR, I want to establish a cheap & best plastic disposable cups plates glass spoon etc. manufacturing plant. so please guide me. distt. KATHUA(J&K) 9419210292
  • Prasenjit Jana said on January 16, 2014
    Dear sir, I am from Howrah, West Bengal(India), i want to start a small plastic bucket manufacturing business in my home. please suggest me how i will start the business? how much i have to invest? where i will get the Machine? where i will sale my product and where i can get the raw materials?
  • Mohammed jibril said on January 17, 2014
    Sir i want to setup a plastic manufacturing plant in ethiopia so help me how to initiate this plant. Thanks!
  • Shiv agrawal said on January 17, 2014
    Sir i am shiv agrawal from gwalior m.p. I wanna start business of my own and i consider plastic field so i want descriptive information regarding manufacturing raw material investment expenditure of buckets mug and tub
  • anurag sharma said on January 22, 2014
    I am anurag. I am interested in plastic business.. So plz give information or suggestion. how i start household plastic item shop in indore......
  • bikram dasgupta said on January 23, 2014
    I have a big film molding and cutting unit in kolkata. i want some job work please help me.
  • akheel khan said on January 24, 2014
    Dear sir i am from hyderabad . sir i want to start a plastic chair manufacturing unit in hyderabad . sir I really want to know financial requirement for set up plzzzz.
  • viren thakur said on January 27, 2014
    I am interested to start business of trading of plastic industry related items like plastic pharma pet bottle , oil bottle etc in himachal pradesh. Pl help me how can I start this business .
  • Satish Nayak said on January 28, 2014
    Dear sir, We are consultant for Plastic packaging plant and we have make 12 plant in India or 5 Plant in out side of India. If you like to start plastic packaging plant like Injection Molding / Compression Moulding / Co-Extrusion sheet / Pvc Pvdc film, and Pharma or Beverages packaging. Please contact e mail - capandclosures@gmail.com. Regards Satish Nayak
  • sourabh gilda said on January 29, 2014
    Sir I am sourabh Gilda from panvel I want to start manufacturing units of kirana bags plastic material in panvel so give some tips my no is 7666941312
  • moin said on February 2, 2014
    Hello, I am Moin (B.E mech). sir I want to start my own small plastic production industry in Nagpur, Maharashtra. please tell me full cost for start factory, and which product is gives best profit. Also, please suggest me small cost factory which I can start.


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