Starting a Knife Sharpening Business

Starting a knife sharpening business is becoming a hit today because it is profitable yet does not require that much work and capital.

Clients come to have all sorts of knives sharpened which you can do several ways.

There are the manual steps like using stones or using electrical knife sharpeners where you let the machine do the job for you. The only key here is to get as much client as you can by letting them know that you are focused on quality and keeping the knives on good condition.

First Step

Starting a knife business can be easy so long as you know how to do the craft yourself and you know how to manage a business. The first step that you have to take is of course to study closely the ways to sharpen different kinds of knives. You can look for your own sources such as through books, magazines and online pages. The good thing about it is that it will not cost you that much. The downside is that you will have to interpret the instructions by yourself too. If you want to avoid this, you might as well take a crash course in knife sharpening which they usually offer in crafts and trade schools. Here, learning is much easier because you will be taught by professionals.

Practice Makes Perfect

As soon as you have taken classes or instructions from your sources about knife sharpening, the next step would be practicing until you perfect the skill. This is important for you to gain proficiency in the job which will impress your clients and make you earn more than your competitors. The best way to do this is train on sharpening the knives of your neighbors and friends for free. Have them bring you their different kinds of knives at home and work on them first. Then ask for their assessment and suggestions on how you can improve your craft. While in this process, be careful not to cut your hand or something.

Where Are The Clients?

As soon as you are already at ease with your skill in sharpening knives, the next thing that you should do will be to look for people who will avail of your services. If you have the time and are still able to roam around your neighborhood, you can do some door to door business.

The usual job that you will be getting here is sharpening kitchen knives. If you are in for more convenient way, you can also post an online advertisement and job ordering so that the clients will be the ones to come to you and bring in their knives for sharpening. You can also contact restaurants and hotels and ask them whether you can have their knives sharpened regularly. If they agree, then you get a regular customer. The best way to convince them is to give a reasonable rate and a worth business.


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