Wine Importing Business

Wine importing is a very lucrative business however; it is necessary that you have the necessary documents needed for importing it and submit these documents to the proper agency of the government to be able to operate well.

The wine importing business can be the business that you’ve been looking for.

Importing high quality wines can be a very profitable business but to be able to start in any importing business you must have the proper documentation and submitted them to the U.S. Treasury Department’s sector – Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau. Furthermore, you will need to submit forms (business and tax) to the state where you will operate your business. You must also be aware of what they require when importing alcoholic drinks. You will need to keep and employ staffs in your business office in America to be able to import wine.

Steps on How to Start

First is to find a secure location you can use for your business operation. Make sure that there is sufficient office space as well as enough space for the storage of wine. Next is to fill up the TTB form 5100.24. This is the application for the Basic Permit under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act. Just mail it to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, National Revenue Center, 550 Main St., Room 8002, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. Then get and complete all the qualifying documents needed by the state where you will operate your business. Just be aware that regulations on this type of business (importing alcoholic beverage) varies in every state.

It is recommended by the to employ a custom broker at the start of a business. They are necessary because they organized all the needed documents for this type of business. Furthermore, they are licensed to do this by the U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection Service. This will be an additional expense at the start of your business however, by hiring a custom broker; you can be able to save a lot of time in terms of doing paperwork in this kind of business. You can scratch that off to your list of to do things. Just be sure that you hire a professional custom broker for your documentation.

Last but not the least is to know well and have trust on your business partners in all the countries that you are doing your business. Before you set up your business in the United States, you must take care of all the logistics necessary there. Visit the places where you import your wine from so that you can know the people involved in the business and the products that they are giving you. This will establish a good business connection that will be helpful to your kind of business.


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