How to Start a Metal Recycling Business

One of the hottest trends today when it comes to business is going green in a sense that the environment will also be benefited while you make money for yourself.

This is the reason why a business centered to recycling is definitely a hit nowadays in America.

If you would like to earn money and to serve as an advocate for preserving the beauty of our plant, one of the great options you can consider is venturing into the metal recycling business.

Scrap metal recycling is a big help for industries which make use of metals nowadays because it takes blood and sweat in order to get and to process metals. With this, a certain man who has a metal recycling business can have the chance to earn great profits. Two of the most common metals which can easily be recycled and make profit from are copper and aluminum because they are so abundant. The following are some of the things which can boost your recycling business: steel rods, car parts and washing machines that are junk.

How to Start Your Own Metal Recycling Business

In this kind of business, it is not just enough that you have the know-how and skills in recycling but the ability to hunt for junk materials as well. In this regard, you need to find the right place where you will locate metals to be recycled. But this can be a hard task to do especially if you don’t have budget yet to pay for labor expenses. So the best thing to do is talk to your friends, neighbors and relatives about your business. By doing this, they will be able to sell you their scrap metals and while you earn for that, they will also be paid back. Another benefit of this kind of business to them is reducing their clutters at home. Just imagine that because of your metal recycling operations, you can also help clean the environment. By simply using your communication skills, you can already tell them to tell others of what kind of service you provide. Through this, you no longer have to think about on how to advertise your business.

You also need to get to know the repair shops in your area because this will pave the way for you to have more profits since they generate large amount of metals. Some of the best resource persons whom can be great help to you are landscapers, electricians and metal-plumbers.

In starting off with your business, the following are the needed things: SUV or truck, advertising flyers and gloves. When you have saved large amount of money for hiring employees, your business will surely grow. Another way of adding more profits to your business is by subscribing to publications about metal recycling such as Fiber Market News and Metal World.


  • prashant jangam said on January 1, 2011
    Sir, I am very much interested in starting my own business. I want a good project report for starting a small service industry or any process industry worth Rs 25 lakhs. For forwarding to Prime Minister's employment generation Program i am searching a good project report. Kindly help me. prashant: Nagpur : Maharashtra: India: 9561962682
  • Nareshkumar said on November 7, 2011
    Hi sir , i m very much interested to do this business , but i don't no how much investment will need for this ?and is there any recycling plants in tamilnadu ? pls help me sir !
  • MOHAMMED SHIBILI BADARUDEEN said on May 19, 2013
    Dear Sir, I am having two electrical induction furnace 100kg & 250 kg units. Now I need to establish a manufacturing unit with Lathe also. I need to submit a project to uae government to request a land in an industrial area. can u prepare a project report for me sir. this is for United arab emirates - Location Mussaffah, Abudhabi
  • sylvester Nkemdilim said on May 22, 2014
    I desire to start a brick tile industry, maybe not on a very big industrial scale .glad if I can be helped with the equipment needed and the costs from a satellite town, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Greyson Nkondola said on August 2, 2017
    Dear sir, I am interested in establishing tire recycling business please can u help me what I suppose to do and which machine will be helpfully. Greyson From Tanzania Mwanza
  • JOSEPH said on April 1, 2019
    DEAR SIR, I AM INTERESTED IN ESTABLISHING a tire recycling business. please can you help me with what I suppose to do and which machine will be helpful? JOSEPH FROM KENYA.


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