Starting a Figs Farm

If you are starting a figs farm, you will have to increase your knowledge about fig trees. Growing fig trees is easy as long as you know the growth requirements. You also need to have a large land area so that you can grow as many trees as you can.

Know the peak season and you can harvest many fruits.

Starting a Figs Farm and Knowing the Varieties

Do you love eating figs? The fresh ones taste like strawberry and peach. The peak season for figs is July in the Southern regions but in the Northern, it can extend until August. The ideal planting season for figs is spring and in the early summer. It’s not a good idea to grow them during late frosts because you can’t expect them to bear fruits. A grown tree can produce figs within a month but it may not produce any fruit for the next months. Before you start planting figs, you should know about the different varieties of the fruit.

In the US, the most common fig varieties are brown turkey, Celeste, the Calimyrna, the mission, and the Kadota fig. it would be best to plant or grow these varieties because Americans are more familiar with them. You will need a large land area to grow the trees. You can start with backyard planting but if you have limited land area, you can only grow very few fig trees. If you can grow many fig trees, you can make money from it.

Growing Figs for Money

It is not a good idea to grow the figs from seeds. Try to get small plants of figs from the local nursery and plant it. Choose a location where the fig trees can get a lot of sunlight. If you live in warm regions, you can make a lot of money from figs. Each tree should be 10 ft away from other trees since their roots can spread widely. Don’t forget to water the fig trees regularly. If you don’t, the leaves will turn yellow. However, when the figs are well set in the ground, you can now water when needed. When summer season comes, you have to water the figs more often.

Once the fig trees are planted, try to add some mulch to act as the tree’s protective covering. This is also a great way to ensure moisture retention in the soil. Check for pests since fig trees are susceptible to souring, rust, nematodes, pink blight, and other related problems. When the trees are bearing fruit, put a net over the tree so that birds will not be able to eat the figs. You can easily tell when the fruits are already ripe. Check the stalk and when it droops, you can start harvesting. So what are you waiting for? Start growing figs today and make money.


  • brian said on December 20, 2014
    Am willing to buy fig tree seeds for anyone selling coz I can't see any around my community or I don't know where to find am in nairobi Kenya pliz. and some olive seeds pliz
  • tey said on January 6, 2016
    They said fig grown from seeds will bare fruit that will not ripe. Its better to plant figs from mother trees that is fruiting.


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