Starting a Computer Memory Store

Starting a computer memory store is probably one of the most viable businesses there is right now.

We are living in a world of computers and definitely there is a wide market for this kind of business.

People around the world, young and old alike are using computers. You wouldn’t believe it but as young as a three year old knows how to use a computer. Starting a computer memory store is a business that is very lucrative and I don’t see any reason for you not to succeed.

Create a business plan. How do you create a good one? Know your market; is there a store you can rent that is accessible to your prospective customers? If you live in a city; is there a vacant portion from your own backyard that you can convert into a store? Start small in terms of space, bigger space will require you to pay for higher rental fees. But, start big in term of products to offer. Create a vision; what do you want to achieve in the next five years regarding your store. Know how much capital you need as a start-up. Do you have enough start up funds? If you think that you are not up with the required start-up capital then you may want to ask family and friends to be part of your business. They can be partners or co-owner of your computer memory store which ever they prefer. For additional capital you can also apply for a loan. There are some banks which offer loans with no collateral to small and medium enterprises. You just need to sign some papers, present them your business plan and your financial statements.

Scout for companies that manufacture computer parts and accessories. As much as possible have a complete line-up of computer memory products and devices such as: desktop/ server memory, laptop memory, desktop and laptop hard drives, usb and flash drives, bluetooth and GPS devices, camera memory, flash memory, cisco memory, MP3 players and accessories. Offer a wider range of selection of these items from the cheapest to the most upscale brand names in the business.

Finally, marketing strategy is also important to attract more customers. Other than your store the next best thing to do is to create a website for your business. Since you are in selling computer related products it will be odd that you don not have your own website. Selling online is actually the most in thing right now as many are so busy that they just prefer to do on online shopping and purchasing what they actually need. With a sound business plan, the right start-up capital and the right marketing strategy that will stand out among the others in the business is the key to your success.


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