How to Start a Monogram Store

If you have the artistry in drawing and scribbling and thinking of opening your own business then you can consider opening a monogram store. Here are few tips on how to open a monogram store.

A monogram store is one business that is very lucrative. With the right business plan, the smartest marketing strategy and putting your whole life into it, you will never fail in this business.

There are others who started in this kind of business with zero knowledge and without any plans, but I prefer that study the business first and create a business plan for your reference once the store starts operating. You can do this kind of business in the comforts of your own home. But it is better to put a store for easy accessibility to most of your customers especially if you knew that you live in a place that is populated.

What exactly do you have in mind in terms of products? People love to gift gives to their loved ones, family and friends. You can make a one stop shop of gift items. You may want a monogram store specializing in wedding events: purse or handbag for the bride, the bride’s mom and the groom’s mom, tote bags for the bridesmaids, wedding cake table runners, satin ribbons for the bride’s bouquet etc. You can also consider a monogram gift shop. There are many items which you can put on embroidered monogram designs: towels, lines, bathrobes, pillow cases, throw pillow cases, shirts, sweatshirts, baby items, jewelries, accessories anything and everything that you can personalize as a personal gift for any occasion.

Scout for the best embroidery and sewing machine. You can choose from the wide range of brand names in the market: Juki, Singer, Janome memory craft, Brother computerized sewing machine etc. Compare prices and choose which you think will be the most useful for you in your store. You may start with just one then purchase more depending on the need to do so.

Start-up capital is another factor to consider. If you are able to start the business on your own that is great. If you are not up with financial aspect of the business you can apply for a loan from banks or any financial institution available in your area. There are ask lending institution which offers loan to small and medium enterprises with no collateral needed. Ask help from family and friends to be your partner or co-owner of the store. Asking help from family and is more advisable rather than applying for a loan.

Finally, strategize your marketing plan. Word of mouth is still the best way to market your monogram store. Own a website for your business is another marketing strategy and probably one of the most effective of all since your store will be seen in the whole world with just a click of the mouse.


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