Employee Recognition Gift Ideas

Aside from cards, there are other employee recognition gifts that you can purchase. There are also some incentives that you can give if the worker is productive.

You can be creative or you can opt for traditional kind of gifts. It is best to select items that are practical.

Employee recognition is considered to be worthy step taken by an employer towards his or her employee. Several positive things can happen with your employee. As a manager, you can show your sympathy and care for your employee. There are several ways you can do so. Sending small gifts like ‘get-well’ gift basket or small toys for their children can really create a respectable position in your employee’s heart. Most typical gifts given to your employees as recognition includes ‘thank you notes’, ‘gift cards’, ‘work coupons’, ‘practical items’, and ‘food items’.

First of all you should properly acknowledge the event and then send the gift accordingly. Sending a new model car as a gift on the birth of baby of your employee is not a good idea. This is too much not unless you are Donald Trump. Personalized gifts such as bags, wallets, and other related stuff are a good idea for small occasions.

Thank You Notes:

Thank you notes play a very vital role in showing your sympathy, respect and space for your employee. A hand written thank you note can even appreciate your employee. It will remind your employee that you keep a space in your heart and a portion of time for him/her. Thank you note is the oldest and mostly used employee recognition gift idea.


Apparel gives a closer and friendly appearance to the relationship between employee and employer. You can increase or decrease the relationship distance between employee and employer by varying the nature of apparel. Sending rugged pair of jeans will lift the employee up to the status of employer. Sending a professional white-collar shirt will enforce him to work better.

Gift & Congratulations Cards:

If any of your employees get a new born baby, then a congratulations card from an organization plays a very responsible role. It enforces the employee to accept that the employer recognizes him or her. Mailing a congratulations card is the best idea but you can also go for online virtual cards. There are a number of employee recognition congratulation cards available on internet. Get a very professional and lovely congratulation card for your employee and send it to his email address.


You can learn the dietary restrictions of your employee and can arrange a dinner or send them a parceled food. This is one the best employee recognition gift ideas. You should not give a diabetic employee a packet full of chocolates. This can make you lose your employee and can even sentence you to jail.


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