How to Start Bumper Sticker Business

How to start a bumper business sticker- you can work from home and you stand a fair chance to increase the income within a few months.

What you need to know about the bumper sticker business is that the start up cost is very low just a few thousand dollars can help you in starting the business of stickers.

Collecting various types of stickers is a hobby of a large number of people, some stick them on their cars or bikes while others on their doors just to tell their viewpoint on different matters. Stickers are basically used to make a statement by people. The potential of this business is endless and if the right type of strategy is followed you can even expand it worldwide.

How to Start Sticker Business

Before starting the business you need to consult the local printers to determine the cost involved in printing the stickers. You can even check online as there are a number of websites which are involved in the printing and will do the shipping of your product. You should also think about the areas you need to cover in your stickers like making funny or sexy stickers, political oriented, character and child oriented bumper stickers.

Advertising and Money Involved

Then the most important step is to publicise your bumper stickers. In this work your family and friends can easily help you out. Just ask them to stick your stickers on their cars, bikes and thereon many more people will get attracted to them. You can even start your own website where you can put a number of your sample works for the people to see. Thereon you can ask them to order for the bumper stickers. You can even advertise on bill boards. Even initially if you are charging just $5 per sticker than you stand a chance to earn $500 a week if there are 100 cars ready to wear the bumper stickers. You can easily earn as much as $40,000 per month if the business roars.

Initially it may also be possible that you may be paying $10 for 3 months to your co workers to use the bumper stickers, but if the idea clicks indeed there is no looking back. You also need to ask the advertiser to publicise your business and hence they will be charging you but once the business flourishes it is going to be other way round. The best time to start such a business is during the fair weather season or during the time when elections are about to begin.

When it comes to style and design of the stickers make sure the words are easy to read, clearly visible and in bright colours. The message you intend to deliver should be read at one go and must be shot enough. Print your stickers on shiny sticker paper and also cut them with clean lines, making them worth the price.


  • Arun Kumar said on August 12, 2015
    hi, i want to start the stickers business in ghaziabad up, india. i want to design them by own and sell them to direct customers either cars, homes, furniture etc. kindly advice.
  • prakash kumar sa said on November 3, 2015
    I want to start a sticker business in odisha,India.So I want some advice to you. How to publish my business, products. How to increase my business. How much money investment first time so please teach me. Help me Please.
  • Joseph Afuwape said on April 24, 2021
    I an interested in making stickers as a biz, please help me


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