Buying Best Business Projector

This article will guide you to finding the best business projector for you. It is a lot easier to buy a projector nowadays specially with the latest advancement in technology.

But there are still many things that you need to know in order to avoid making the wrong decision in buying a business projector.

A projector is a device used by many to make their presentations more interesting and reliable. However, the outcome of your presentations will depend on the quality of projector that you will use. Follow the steps below to know exactly what projector suits you.

The three basic types of projectors in the market today are the Digital Light Processing (DLP), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), and the Liquid Crystal on Siliccon (LCoS). Each of the classification has its own strength and weaknesses depending on the usage.

Follow the instruction below and see the right option for you in buying a projector for your business.

The DLP Projectors -- DLP projectors are classified into three sub-categories. These are the single, dual, or three-chip projectors.

Single-chip DLP projectors has one common problem, which is the rainbow-effect. This occurs during presentations with moving objects or when you are changing slides containing high-resolution images.

Sadly, this is also the problem with the dual-chip projectors. The rainbow effect during the presentations oftentimes causes major headaches to the audience.

However, you still have the option to shift into three-chip DLP projectors, which cost relatively higher than the two.

The LCD Projectors – Most of the LCD projectors in the market today are bigger and heavier than their DLP counterparts. But unlike the DLP, LCD projectors do not suffer from rainbow effects during presentations with moving images.

However, it also has one problem. It tends to have a “screen door effect” that causes images to blur into pixels. It is like looking into a screen door of the house every time you change slides.

The LCoS – The LCoS is the problem solver among the three. It does not have a rainbow or screen door effect. But the weight and the size has been the main issue in this kind of projectors. It is also a lot more expensive than the two previous models.

Another thing you need to reconsider when you are buying a projector for your business is the resolution quality of the device. Know how much resolution a projector can handle.

Some of the computers nowadays are moving towards the high-definition widescreen interface while projectors are intact with the 4 by 3 ration aspect. This now cause difficulty for the operators to fit the presentation size to the projection screen.

However, you are contented with the linear types of presentation; all you need to have is the SVGA or the XGA projectors, which is best for documents and chart presentations. These types of projectors are also cheaper and much easier to carry along anywhere.

Another thing that you need to consider is the brightness and sound quality the projectors can give. The size of the room where you will do the presentations will give you an idea what projector you need to buy.


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