How to Start Printer Repair Store

Printer repair stores are growing in number everyday. The owners understand that the slow economy prompts people to repair old computers instead of buying new ones.

Start your own printer repair shop and let us guide you along the way since we have the best guide for you to begin.

A printer repair shop has valuable equipment. Your responsibility would be to analyze the problem, repair it, keep track of all printers in your store, and return them in better conditions compared to when you received them. Therefore, you must have a tracking mechanism to keep track of all printers in your shop.

Printer Repair Store Guide

To start a printer repair store and make it successful, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Enough employees – depending on the size of your printer repair shop, you need to make sure that enough repairmen are available to service the needs of your clients. Nothing can be more destructive to your image than delayed repair work.
  • Adequate test equipment and tools – your shop should have a variety of test equipment and tools. Also, a workshop room or repair bench with bright lighting and decent size should be considered.
  • Tight security – it’s also important to have an alarm system on windows and doors to protect the printers entrusted to you by your clients.
  • Enough space – several printers may be stored in your shop at one time. Therefore, you need plenty of built-in racks to place the incoming and outgoing printers.
  • Easy Accessibility – individuals and firms can easily deliver their printers to you if your shop location is accessible. However, if you’re willing to provide free transportation in pick-up and delivery of printers, this will definitely cover the inaccessibility of your shop.
  • Good reception area – if you have a clean and tidy reception area, it would reflect on your shop as a whole. Remember that first impression counts.

Advertising Printer Repair Store

The backbone of your printer repair shop is a steady flow of customers. Therefore, as an owner of your business, you should spend a lot of time advertising it. You can place ads in print and online publications, attend trade shows, or network with people in the computer industry. You may also join organizations like local Chamber of Commerce in order to assist them in their printer needs.

To gain credibility, your printer repair store technicians should stay abreast of current trends in printer service. There are numerous certification programs available on the latest technology and computer trends. In addition, you need to research and widen your knowledge in all areas such as learning how to become a pro in laser printer repair and how to fix an inkjet printer.


  • S.K. Rananavare said on September 22, 2013
    Someshwar Refilling House is my small firm. The firm is running from 9 years ago to till date as a very well. I have connected nearabout 150 to 200 printer user customers. now I am only giving the service of Toner/Cartridge Refilling. So, I am wishing to start printer repairing & wholesale toner cartridge selling business with this firm. Please correct guide & chance to printer repairing class. Add- A/p-Someshwarnagar, Tal- Baramati, Dist- Pune
  • jaibir singh said on January 23, 2014
    i am from haryana. i am not getting parts of printer in enough price. some time i have to spend more than its cost. and now i have to start my own firm . but first of all i need parts and tools .


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