How to Start a Dishwasher Repair Store

Are you tired of your job, your boss and long office hours? Do you want to start up your own business with dishwasher repair store in mind?

Worry no more because here is a simple guide that will help you set up your dishwasher repair store in no time.

Dishwashers have become a permanent fixture in kitchens around the world today. Since the inception of this appliance during the 1970s, every homeowner deems this to be a necessity, especially now when time is of the essence and washing dishes manually is a waste of such valuable time. Due to its frequent use, dishwashers are prone to breakage. With this, a fast and reliable repair shop should come at hand. This gives rise to a great opportunity for starting up one’s own dishwasher repair store.

To get started, one must have a detailed business plan, sufficient capital, complete business and operations license and dependable manpower.

Make a Dishwasher Repair Store Business Plan

Planning is a vital component and take-off point for every business enterprise. The business plan should have all the details of everything related to the business desired.

First and foremost, the business plan should include the startup cost for the dishwasher repair store business. The startup cost should take into account the price of the needed equipment for the repair, which includes level, clamps and wrench as basic tools. This also includes waterproof silicone sealant, screwdrivers, towels and flashlights. It will also beneficial to provide a checklist as a troubleshooting guide.

Another cost that must be considered is the rent for the office as the center for business operation if you do not own an accessible office space. This will also involve investing on the equipment needed in such office such as telephones, desks, chairs, computers and printers, service vehicle and the cost for maintaining employees. It also includes the amount needed for advertising the dishwasher repair shop and the cost of licensing along with the other requirements by the government agency concerned.

Another detail that should be included in the business plan is the desired area of operations. Knowing where to start the dishwasher repair store is important information that will determine how the business will fare amidst the competition. This also includes determining the possible repair store clients and competitors alike. It is recommended that you choose an area where there are fewer competitors so that you could maximize the opportunity in that area.

Hiring Repairmen and Staff

The size of the intended operation should determine the number of repairmen and office staff that you need. The smaller the area of operation, the least number of personnel is needed. It is recommended that the repairmen hired are not only skilled, but also armed with the necessary licenses and certifications. To do this, coordinate with the government agency concerned and secure a list of the requirements for this type of business.

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