Starting a Boot Repair Store

Do you want to have your own boot repair store but do not have any idea where to start? It is time to stop wondering and now, you could start living your dream, with this simple yet effective boot repair store business guide.

This article will give you information you need in starting your very own boot repair biz.

Boot repairing is not a very common trade nowadays. People tend to view boots, like any other types of shoes as disposable, owing to the fact that there are many brands of boots available in the market today. However, not many people realize that subjecting their worn-out pair of boots to repair will save them more money than buying new ones. This is an opportunity that should not be missed by any budding entrepreneur whose interest rest upon repairing boots.

To get started with this trade, one must have a concrete and executable boot repair store business plan. This plan should include the location, cost and the business clients and competitors.

Determine the Startup Cost for the Boot Repair Store

The first aspect of this business that you should look into is the amount of capital needed. The costs include the equipment necessary for the operations, the office space and the manpower to make this business operational.

Investing in good equipment is important. The durability of the equipment that you will buy will reap benefits in the long run. A Claes Patch Machine, for example, costs around $5,000. On the other hand, a Patch Machine Stands and Motors cost about $1,200. Secondhand machines are also available for those who have lower budget for the equipment.

Find an Accessible and Convenient Location

Also one of the first considerations in this industry is where to start your boot repair store. The place must be accessible to people and convenient enough that our potential customers will not have a hard time going to and from your store. One of the primary considerations should be the cost of the place, whether rented or not. The overhead expenses should not be burdensome in the long run.

Make a Survey of Possible Clients and Competitors

Another consideration that should come into mind is the boot repair store biz competitors in the immediate area where you intend to set up your business. Determine their business styles so you could device an innovative approach to your own.

It will also be beneficial for your business to look into the prospective boot repair biz clients. Educating these clients to the advantages of boot repairs will surely bring more profit to your store.

Marketing Your Boot Repair Store Biz

Lastly, you need a good marketing strategy. Advertising your boot repair store may be as easy as printing business cards and flyers to setting up your own website, depending on the size of your operation.


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