Starting a Brass Engraving Business

An engraving business is a fairly easy venture to start. No high technical skills or very large capital investment is needed. For starters, brass engraving is recommended as the material is easier to manage than wood or plastic.

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Fond of letters? There is a way to make your obsession with letterings a profitable fixation. An engraving shop is a business anyone without high technical skill can start. The investment for this kind of business could be below $5,000, mostly on materials and equipment. For newbies in an engraving business, experts recommend a brass material. Brass is softer to engrave than plastic or wood and is thus ideal for those starting to learn about engraving. Brass is the material used for many signages, labels, name tags, trophy plates, plaques, and mechanical tags. It can be obtained from engraving supply stores in a variety of forms. Some may have holes for screwing on walls or adhesives for attaching on surfaces and can be at a specified size, color, thickness and finish.

Equipment for Brass Engraving Business

One of the topmost concerns for people who want to start an engraving business is the engraving tool. Usually, engravers use laser or rotating engraving. The cutters use for an engraver comes in many forms. There are diamond tips and quarter-round cutters in different sizes and shapes to produce various styles of cuts. A device called a pantograph is also useful for engravers. A pantograph is composed of a tracing stylus and a cutter. When the stylus is tracing a figure, the cutter moves in such a way that it reproduces every movement of the stylus, resulting to an image that is exactly the shape of the figure being traced. What more, it can be adjusted such that it can enlarge or miniaturized the image.

Laser and rotating engravers are manual engravers. There is also a computer operated engraver that is capable of engraving at a faster speed. If price is a problem for a prospective engraving shop owner, he should not worry because second-hand engraving tools are available over eBay and other engraving shops.

Customers for Engraving Business

Engraved items like trophies, nameplates, equipment tags, medal backings, informative plates and promotional materials are needed by companies in a variety of industries. Churches, schools, hospitals, public offices, manufacturing plants, and law enforcement agencies are just among the institutions that can use lettered items made of brass. For example, a theatre or a church might need brass plates to recognize patrons and donors. Bus companies might need informational plates to meet regulatory requirements. One way to find a customer for the business is to contact local contractors, like electrical, construction and architectural firms that might need equipment labels or building labels.

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