Starting Brass Business

Brass business mainly deals with the production of brass itself. It usually involves complex process to manufacture brass.

In starting a brass business, one must make sure to have knowledge in this kind of business.

Having knowledge would dictate the effectiveness of your business; whether or not you can produce brass with good quality.

Manufacturing brass involves intricate process. The raw materials needed depend on what type of brass should be manufactured but the main component of brass is copper. The color of brass itself depends on how much zinc is combined to it. Less amount of zinc will result to a lighter color.

When starting a business that involves complex process of manufacturing such as with this type of business, consider having someone who has an extensive experience on this field. This could be a consultant, a person who formerly works for a company that also deals with brass manufacturing, or an owner of the same type of business.

The following are the processes involved in manufacturing brass:

Melting – this process involves molten metal to be poured into molds. And after the metal has cooled down, it is then transferred to a rolling area to be stored.


Hot rolling – the cooled metal is also called cake, after the melting process, the cake is then placed in a furnace to be reheated until the required temperature for different shapes is achieved. This process is also known as breakdown rolling because the width of the brass decreases as it is being fed through a series of steel rollers.


Annealing and cold rolling – as the process goes on, the brass becomes harder and makes it more difficult to be stretched further. It must be reheated to make it more ductile and this process is called annealing. The annealed brass is then placed into series of rollers to further decrease its thickness. This process is called cold rolling since the brass’ temperature is lower than its temperature during hot rolling.


Finish rolling – the fourth and final step in brass manufacturing. This is where brass are cut and coiled depending on the intended use and sent to a ware-house for distribution.

Brass form varies in different types, it can be stored as plate, sheet, strip, foil, rod, bar, or even wire. Make sure that your business has a suitable place to store the brass before distribution.

Since this type of business involves robust processes and often prone to accidents such as fire, or injuries, providing health insurance to your employees is also a thing you should consider. Also, insurance for your business could help you in times of accidents. But make sure to choose a reputable insurance company by either shopping around or seeking suggestions from owners of the same type of business. And finally, you should also take into consideration the quality of your products. This greatly depends on your workers, machineries, and maintenance. You should also conduct regular evaluation on the processes and the materials to ensure the quality of your products. Testing samples can also help you determine if your products have met the required specifications.


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