Starting a Beer Pong Store

Starting a beer pong store could be an exciting idea for those who have developed fondness for the game. Indeed, more and more people are learning – and loving – the game, so this should be a good indication for you.

Unquestionably, beer pong has become one of the well known drinking games in our times. It has become famous to many drinkers because it is a fun game that anyone can surely get addicted to.

The game is pretty simple and can be played at least by two two-player teams. What players do is to throw a ping pong ball with the goal of shooting it to a cup of beer across the table. Typically, the beer cups are set up in a triangle formation so it somehow looks like a billiard game. Rules can vary and players can make agreements about it whether they should use at least six or ten cups.

The common objective of the game, however, is to eliminate the cups of the opposing team faster than they can eliminate your cups. When the purpose is achieved, the losing team will have to drink the remaining beer inside all of the cups of the winning team.

These days, beer pong gets played at different parties whenever friends gather. At times, beer pong has also been a favorite during sports events. The important reminder here, of course, is that it shouldn’t be played by high school students because selling beer to this particular age group is illegal according to the law.

Originally, the game has been called as Beirut and has been played with paddles. Some claim that the game originated during the 1950’s and 1960’s among the Lehigh University fraternities. During the 1980’s, however, the game has been played without the paddles and has been renamed as beer pong. Regardless of its origins, it really should be noted that this game is becoming more and more popular as there are increasing numbers of players who are being interested with it. For them, it is a test of accuracy and consistency played in an exciting way.

Actually, some enthusiasts would even tell you that there are now several specialty stores that focus on selling unique products that are made exclusively for this game. For example, portable beer pong tables are being sold in such stores. These tables mostly have water-resistant surfaces so cleaning it after a game wouldn’t have to be difficult. At the same time, it has good handles so transporting it from one place to another should be easy as well.
Beer pong kits are also sold which comes with cup racks, the actual beer pong cups, beer pong balls and a rule sheet.

With the use of the internet, finding these beer pong stores could even be much easier. Now for those entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting their own store, they should think about available options first. As stated above, starting a beer pong store can be done in two ways. First, you can do it by having an actual store in your area or, if you want to avoid the expenses associated with having a store and want to reach to a wider market at the same time, having an online beer pong store could instead be a better idea.

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