Starting a Bathroom Remodeling Business

Are you thinking of going into the business of bathroom remodeling? This requires careful planning and building the best bathroom designs. In addition, you need to include complexities of bathroom plumbing as well as building code requirements.

We can share the considerations and steps in bathroom remodeling business.

Remodeling the bathroom is a way for homeowners to create comfort on the most essential and personally intimate room in the house. The benefit of doing this does not only enhance their every bathing and grooming experience, it also boosts their home value if you did a great job in bathroom remodeling.

Considerations in Starting a Bathroom Remodeling Business

Before you start, check the groundwork of everything connected to the bathroom in order to make it work efficiently – these include the structural foundations, electrical wiring, and plumbing. By repairing these things first, you can ensure that any remodeling activity would be successful.

Remember to spend wisely and get the most out of your every cent. The key is not to jump impulsively on the first supplies and contractor that you see. And even if it would be cheaper to do the project yourself, it would be more efficient if you hire a good and affordable contractor for your business.

Steps in Starting a Bathroom Remodeling Business

Here are some steps to guide you in starting a bathroom remodeling business:

  • For local residential building code requirements, get in touch with the Department of Building & Safety. Pay particular attention to required sound fixtures and minimum clearances.
  • Draw the wall dimensions and bathroom floor plan to scale. Include all fixtures and features in your remodeling plan and seek approval with the owner before you implement these changes.
  • Make a list of materials needed for the remodeling job. Be very specific on the type/model of the items as well as the estimated cost. This is a very critical step so that your clients can check their budgets and can instruct you further on the finalization of the bathroom remodeling plan.
  • One or more permits may be required before you finish the work. If necessary, have a building inspector check the remodeled bathroom to make sure that everything has been done correctly.

Don’t forget to address certain issues such as lack of space, molds and mildew, moisture damaged areas, inadequate storage and counter space leading to excessive clutter, worn and outdated features, insufficient water supply, not enough lighting, and problem in plumbing.

Now you are ready to start a bathroom remodeling business. All that’s left is to obtain clients and market the services in your area. The best way to do this is to accomplish an excellent work on your first project and you can be famous through word of mouth.


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