How to Start a Roofing Contractor Business

If you want to start your own roofing contractor business, you should get enough education as much as possible. Secure the needed licenses and permits to operate legal business.

Hire competent employees and purchase insurance. With the right marketing strategies, you are sure to attract a lot of potential clients.

Roofing Contractor Business and Education

There are many businesses that you can enter these days and one of the best is roofing. Only the professionals know how to install roofs and if you possess relevant knowledge and skills, being in the roofing contractor business is a great way to generate revenues. As long as there are houses and establishments, roofing is needed. Whether it is repair or installation of new roofs, you’re sure to find customers throughout the year. Most clients are willing to spend money on quality roofing. Even repair are urgent to prevent more problems in the home.

Know the requirements set by the concerned government agency. You have to secure appropriate licenses or permits that will allow you to operate a legit business. You’re at an advantage if you’re a college graduate but this is not a requirement. Through education programs, you can learn the skills needed in the business. Basic courses on roofing methods should also be taken so that you can compete with other established businesses. Use the internet to find these online courses and be sure to learn everything you can.

Insurance, Supplies, and Marketing

With this type of business, purchasing insurance is very important. Find out about the ideal insurance for your business since you will be needed employees, you will be driving a business vehicle, and many others. When the business is insured, you can prevent huge financial losses in the future. Another consideration is the supplies or equipment you need. Aside from the business vehicle, you will also need ladders, hammer tackers, roofing nailers, shingle removers, roofing brackets, knives, air hoses, line reels, and many others. You can get these equipment and supplies online, from a reputed seller. For the office, you also have to purchase computer and printer; an internet connection is also required especially if you are maintaining a business website and if you’re doing the financials using special software.

Marketing your new business can be very challenging. There are many existing competitors in the market and you have to convince clients that yours is something new. You can make use of postcard marketing wherein you will send postcards to potential clients in the local area. You can also post billboards and give away flyers on busy streets. Create your own business card and give it to homeowners in your area. For the needed capital, you can use your business plan as a ticket to getting financing. Hurry and start your own roofing business today and earn great money!


  • chira said on January 18, 2013
    i live in Nairobi Kenya and would like to be linked to people who need my services on building constructions and renovations of houses, and painting
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    Hello Chira, We are waiting for business partners kindly contact us. Regards, Suresh.J, +91-9019839100


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