Cost to Add a Bathroom

Are you looking at adding another bathroom to your home? Most homeowners in the past only need one bathroom. Today however, the more bathrooms you have, the more value your house can generate in the long run.

Before you get started, it’s a great idea to know about additional bathroom cost and find tips on building it.

A very useful project is adding another bathroom to your home because it is more convenient for members of the household to prevent standing in line just to have their turn. This is such a big undertaking and you may need help from a few professionals. Definitely, there are satisfactory renovations you can do with your budget.

Instructions to Add a Bathroom

Generally, there are 2 types of bathrooms you can add to your home – a half-bath or a full-bath. A half-bath includes the toilet and sink while a full-bath consists of everything else needed for bathing – aside from the toilet and sink, there is also a tub and shower. Definitely full baths will be more sophisticated but half baths are certainly inexpensive options if you have a limited budget. Here are some steps to install a new bathroom:

  • Decide where you want it to be. The new room should be strategically located inside the house.
  • Draw up scaled plans and measure your space. You would need enough space for a full bath but if space is limited, there is no choice but to set up a half bath.
  • Get estimates from local contractors. You can do some renovations yourself to cut labor costs.
  • Pick out fixtures and necessities such as lighting, pedestal cabinet, mirror, and faucet.
  • When you add up the prices of the labor and materials – that is an approximate of the cost in adding a bathroom.

Considerations to Add a Bathroom

When adding another bathroom, consider the overall picture of your home. A luxury home would need an equally luxurious bathroom while a plain home would be matched with a simple bathroom. Take note that materials such as designer furnitures and marble tiles are more expensive compared to standard materials. Also remember that the size of the bathroom is in direct proportion to its cost.

Depending on the bathroom’s distance from plumbing lines and its extravagance, the general cost would be between $7,000 - $25,000. Of course a half bath would cost lower than this but if you would require additional floor space installed, it would reach up to $50,000. So to reduce the cost, it’s worth it to do some of the work yourself and shop for discounted supplies. On the other hand, don’t risk the work if you’re not familiar with DIY projects. In the end, you may pay more to fix certain errors instead of just paying a professional to build the bathroom for you.


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