Starting a Backyard Nursery

Since plants and crops are some of the most in demand perishable goods of today, more and more people are trying to venture into creating their own backyard nursery. Do you have passion for planting and taking care of plants, then this can also be the most ideal business for you.

This article will show you the ways on how to start a backyard nursery well.

This is the kind of business which only requires low start-up costs because you will already cut costs in renting space because this can be done at home if you have space backyard space. Through this, you can also focus more on your plants and crops.

Check Out the Steps in Starting a Backyard Nursery

In starting your backyard nursery, the most important that you need to consider is planning which involves the kind of nursery you wish to have. Depending upon your interest and know-how, you need to determine if it will be fruits and vegetables, shrubs and trees, bedding plants, houseplants and tropical plants. In order for you to know what is right for you, you need to conduct a simple experiment. By trying all of these in just few quantities, you can already evaluate which ones will work for you and which ones will not.

Aside from the kind of nursery, it must also delve deep into financial, operational and marketing plans. By doing this, you will also be able to predict possible outcomes for your business for the next years because this will include outlines and timelines of operations and transactions.

To start off successfully and effectively, you also need to get the necessary supplies, facilities and tools needed. Of course, this will be based on your budget and need in the business. Some of the factors which you need to consider are the following: advertising, greenhouses, pots, fertilizers, starter plants, seeds and soil media.

In order for you to stay long in the business, you must also be approved by the government as a legal business entity. For you to achieve this, the county or state government must be checked for you to know the requirements you need such as business licenses and permits and other documents. Aside from that, you also need to contact the agricultural extension for you to meet other regulations and inspections for the backyard nursery. This aims in proving consumers that the crops and goods you offer are safe. Another advantage of having all the necessary and required permits is that you will be able to avoid fines thus, allowing you to cut more cost on fines and other legal fees.

After you grow crops, you need to know the best way on how to sell them. Because you are just starting up in the business, your first buyers can be your neighbors. After that, you can already widen your market by targeting other consumers in your locality. To do this you must be able to make use of a great advertising strategy.


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