How to Start Backyard Farm

Nowadays, that price are rising in contrast of the lowering wages, it is a good idea to make use of the land in your backyard.

You can utilize the land in starting a backyard farm. This can be a good start to open a business.

How to Make Money with Backyard Farming?

Before you start this kind of business, you make certain if you can dedicate much of your time in backyard farming. Keep in mind that once you successfully established backyard farming, it can be a part time or full time income. This can be a supplemental income but you should create side sources. Thorough planning is needed before starting the business.

The next step is to plan what you are going to specialize in your backyard farm. As much as possible you should provide different items so that customers will have wide arrays of choices. Many choices like root vegetables that include carrots, garlic, onions, potatoes, turnips and many others can grow under the soil. Likewise, you can also cultivate above ground edible plants like cabbage, eggplants, green beans, melons, peas, corn, radish, squash and strawberries. Flowers and herbs are other items plants that you can grow in your backyard farm. However, it does not mean that you need to grow all the above mentioned items. All you have to do is to choose the right plants that are ideal for personal and business use.

After which, you will need to familiarize how you will raise the crops. Keep in mind that some plants are grown by planting the seed right into the soil and will grow eventually. However, some plants need to be treated and tended carefully. Although seed plants grow well in the ground but you need to check it constantly. It is also important to employ measures to promote good growth as well as protection of the plants. Using of common chemicals is necessary if you want to employ organic planting. There are different ways of growing specific edibles that is why you should study all of this.

Preferably, you need to identify your target market. One of the great places is the farmers market. This is the ideal place where you can sell your products and at the same time create a customer and business link that is advantageous in your future sales. You can also supply fresh fruits and vegetables at some establishments such as hotels and beds. You can offer them items that are grown organically like baby corn, finger carrots and garlic. In addition to your customer are your neighbors and local community. They will also serve as your sales representatives by passing along word of mouth your fresh produce. Aside from your produce, you can also offer sides’ incomes like Go Green bags and other items that are related to your produce.


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    my business is located in benin city, nigeria. i need financial assistance, getting loan here is something else, am into piggery
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    South Africa, Mpumalanga province, Nelspruit as a city. I'm looking an assistance to finalize my business plan of poultry farming & slaughter house. I have mostly of quotations that are needed. My main problem is a corruption in our officials offices. That is why at the end we don't get a way forward. help pls.


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