Start a Sports Pub

There are various steps that one has to take if he or she is planning to open a sports pub business.

These steps must be carefully made and implemented in order for the business to be successful.

To start a sports pub, you have to make a comprehensive business plan and obtain capital to implement your plan. Each part of the sports pub business, from the rental to getting liquor license should be well thought out as you aim to start a sports pub.

Steps to Start a Sports Pub

Firstly, make a comprehensive business plan prior to starting a sports bar. The business plan must give a summary of your business objectives, property details and information, equipment needed and the hiring of employees. Once the plan is made, you can proceed with the next step which is the planning of your capital. Compute the monthly rental that differs in cost according to the place and size of the location as well as the costs of equipment and other necessary accessories such as bar stools, food supplies, glasses and barrels of beers. In addition, you need to consider the fees for liquor licensing that may vary from 100USD to 10,000USD. The costs of licensing fee actually vary on the kinds of liquor that will be served. Also, don’t forget about the wages of your employees.

Third, get a liquor license. Call the government office in your state that manages liquor to know the policies as well as the associated fees with the license for a sports pub. Get ready to notify the office of the kind of liquor that you want to serve, the type of establishment that you would have and when you wish to serve the alcohol. Next, look for a location that is ideal for your sport pub. The location must provide exceptional traffic and can easily be accessed by your customers. Select a place in the city where you can easily get the attention of many clients. It should be near any sports venue, cinemas or an eventful city area.

Another consideration is purchasing the needed materials for your sports pub. You will need a bar and lots of bar stools, tables, chairs and booths, in addition to plates, utensils and glassware. If you wish to sell foods, you have to contact food distributors or vendors and discuss a contract with them. Create a relationship with a distributor of beer and plan the beer delivery times. Lots of up-to-date TVs plus a satellite are essential to start an effective sports pub. You have to cater to majority of the sports market to indulge the public. Hiring experience personnel is also an important step to take. Exceptional bartenders are the secret to effective business as you open your sports pub. Clients who are contented with the manner a bartender creates drinks to request and fast, friendly service could make a client come back to the sports pub more often. Cooks and service crews must be well-experienced and pleasant as well. Lastly, promote your sports pub as soon as it is ready t open. Make use of the local broadsheet or any publication to advertise your business. Hype the offerings of your business and any other unique things that your pub will offer to the public.

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    I want to open and operate a sports pub in the Crofton, Maryland area.


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