Buying Used Bowling Pro Shop Equipment

What are the things that you need to consider in buying bowling equipment, especially if it’s already used? How much is your allotted budget for your bowling needs?

If you are buying used bowling ball or any equipment from a pro shop, it will be very convenient as they will help you find a good one.

Try to invest bowling bags and bowling shoes as well to help you save money, instead of renting.

Bowling Equipment Available at a Pro shop

Bowling Ball. The most important equipment that you will need is a bowling ball. It is compose of three holes for the middle and pointer finger and for the thumb.
Different Types of Bowling Balls

  • House Ball. If you are a beginner you may want to choose a house ball usually this is made up of polyester.
  • Plastic Bowling Ball. The cheapest is the plastic bowling ball, this is usually intended for beginners and for kids who are just starting to learn the sport. Also known as spare ball
  • Urethane, Particle and Reactive Resin Cover stocks. These kinds of bowling balls are made of materials that react depending on the condition of the lane used by the player; it may be oily or dry.

How to Choose the Right Bowling Ball

  • Weight. This is one factor that you need to consider in buying used bowling at a pro shop. It will be based on your body weight about 10 % of it.
  • Cover stock. You need to choose what material your bowling ball is made up.
  • Ball Choice. Its either you choose a ten-pin or a five-pin bowling ball depending on what you prefer.

Bowling Shoes. Have you tried using bowling shoes before? If not here are some tips that you may consider in buying a used bowling shoes.

  • Athletic or Performance Bowling Shoes. Athletic bowling shoes are like ordinary athletic shoes, but it is customizely made for bowling purpose. A performance shoes is designed for the purpose of giving better performance for bowling.
  • Choice of Sole. There are bowling shoes that has soles that are interchangeable, depending on your bowling style. There are sliding and braking shoes that allows the player to move their feet freely during their tournament.
  • Feet Size. It is very important that you are wearing bowling shoes that exactly fits your feet. It should not be loosed neither tight as it may affect your performance.

Bowling Bag. You have the option of choosing a bowling bag that can carry, your shoes, your uniform and of course placed your bowling ball depending on how many balls you are using it will be the basis of how big the bowling ball will be. Try to check the bowling bag meticulously, since you are buying used ones.




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