How to Become a Boxing Trainer

What are the things you should know to be a good boxing trainer? How will you qualify to be a boxing trainer?

We all know that being a boxer is a challenging task. You need to be physically fit, emotionally stable and mentally alert to be a good boxer and to be a good fighter it takes a good boxing trainer as well to do the job

Two Types of Boxing

Amateur and Professional Boxing. The only difference is the amateur is using headgears while professional are not allowed to use one and is usually longer about twelve rounds the most.

What does a Boxing Trainer Do

Of course a boxing trainer is responsible for conditioning and advising the boxer especially before and during the fight. He is the one who teaches boxing techniques and makes sure that all possible training had been done by the boxer.

It is the goal of every boxing trainer for his trainee to win. He needs to make sure that his trainee is physically, emotionally, mentally fit and strong and knows all boxing skills in order to win.

Knowledgeable for the rules governing boxing

How to Become a Boxing Trainer

  • You have to be a boxer your self. How can you train others if you don’t know how to box? You have to train yourself regularly and learn the techniques of a boxer.
  • Try to undergo a fight yourself, this will help you familiarize what a boxer needs to do during a fight
  • Try to engage with other boxing trainer, this will help you have experience firsthand techniques.
  • If possible you may gather videos of boxing matches or watch it live and keep your attention to what the trainer tells their trainee in between rounds.
  • You also need a prospect that is willing to undergo your training. You may start with amateurs and start training them and have a professional boxing career.

Boxing and training techniques are important for a boxing trainer to learn, as it will be the outcome of how the fighter will be able to defend himself inside the ring. Here are some training techniques that will help your training skills.

Strength Training. This will help the boxer develop and strengthen his body until the end of the round.

Combat Training. This routine helps the boxer develop stance and technique during a fight includes boxing punches, sparring and other preparation for the tournament.

Lastly, as a trainer you have to create a training program for your trainee, you don’t just go and train them at once; instead you have to know every vital information about your fighter, for you to know what the training guidelines your trainee needs to undergo.

You need to gather information about your trainee individually, what does your trainee needs to improve on and what needs to be maintained, during the training you need to monitor the trainee: the result and the outcome. By following your created training program you will see the progress of your boxer.


  • Israel said on June 14, 2011
    Boise id United states. i want to become a boxing trainer. Mmmmmm i'm a good fighter, right now i'm just Boxing working out at a local gym but i eventually fight in amateur Boxing. I also want to spart with real Boxers .. pro boxers so that i can get better and make my passion into a career...
  • Steve Hawkins said on August 2, 2013
    Chicago IL. United states i was a really good amateur boxer spared with fighters in the famous Mayweather's family don't have a gym right now looking for one just looking for some advice to get me started on the right track; cause i no this is something I'M good at and can become great at because this a passion of mine THANK YOU.
  • Michael Thompson said on November 25, 2020
    Try to find a good trainer and gym. Do you live in a big town that has boxing gyms? I want to be a boxing trainer! Sometimes the fitness gyms have boxing like the one I go too! Good luck with your training!


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