Start a Greeting Card Company

If you have a talent in photography, paper designing, or painting, a greeting card company could be right for you. That is because even with the popularity of online forms of greeting people, there is nothing still as heart-warming as touching a greeting card sent by someone dear.

Learn some tips on how you can start this greeting card company.

Expressing ones feelings through greeting cards is a long-standing custom. While ecards and other electronic forms of greetings have become common nowadays, nothing still beats an old fashion greeting card, especially handmade ones, in cheering or consoling a relative, friend or loved ones.

If you have a talent in writing, photography, paper designing, painting, paper folding and calligraphy, this is one business you can start. The good news is you can start this company at home and with only a few hundred dollars. You can either sell your creations to greeting card companies or create your own greeting card company.

Selling Artworks to Greeting Card Companies

You can submit your artwork to companies in need of artwork for cards, or calendars. Working on the designs of your work is uncomplicated because you have the freehand to choose your medium, style and subject. You don’t necessarily have to create a text for your creation. The tricky part is in finding companies that will accept your work. Be prepared to submit reproduced samples of your artwork. If you get a job offer, you can earn at least $50 for an assignment.

Creating Your Own Greeting Card Company

You can also choose to design, produce and market your creations and sell them at $1.5 a card. This way, you don’t have to comply with someone else’s demands. However, for this, you need to be more than an artist and your work go beyond designing. You need to be an entrepreneur taking care of other matters like financing, bookkeeping and advertising. A major task you will do will be to find sales rep or distributors for your cards.

Greeting Card Business Tips

  • Choose the type of greeting cards you want to produce – will they be sentimental, religious, or humorous? Will they be pre-designed or custom-made? To mass produce cards, you would need a computer and card-making software. Sell customized cards at a premium price.
  • Buy the right materials
  • Create samples of your artwork and show them to family and friends for a start
  • If writing is not your forte, partner with someone whose specialty is composing verses
  • Take note of holidays and special occasions like Christmas, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, when greeting cards will sell the most. You can start producing ahead in anticipation of that temporary surge of demand.
  • Learn from others who have been in the industry for awhile by studying how they run the business and how they became successful
  • Explore the possibility of selling your creations online

Find useful information about greeting card publishing from the Greeting Card Association – US.


  • Roslynn Boone said on July 6, 2009
    I am trying to start my own greeting card company. I am a little scared, not of the challenge but of not succeeding. My friends and family are pushing me forward, I have sold some of my poetry in a gallery and now I am kind of ready for something else. I think you could be of some assistants I would be grateful.
  • irfan said on February 19, 2016
    I am very much interested in starting my own greeting card company in bangalore. I need help on setting it up. Any consultant here can help me?


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