Start a Makeup Company

Wanting to look great is common to people. One way to do this is to use makeup to improve one’s appearance or highlight physical attributes. Thinking of starting a makeup company? Read from our guide how you can own a makeup business, and how to succeed in the highly competitive cosmetics industry landscape.

Makeups are products categorized under cosmetics. These substances used to improve facial appearance.

In recent age, the market for makeups is increasingly becoming younger and the products more varied. With everyone wanting to look great, there is always an opportunity for anyone to start a makeup company.

Becoming a Makeup Manufacturer or Distributor

You can start a makeup company either by selling or making makeup products like lipstick, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, foundation, or powder. To sell makeup products, you can contact a makeup manufacturer that has no distribution yet in your area and propose to become its representative or distributor. Alternatively, you can produce makeups under your label. It may appear complicated and capital intensive to start one. This may be true if you will be putting up a “processing” plant, but you can skip the part of having to buy or lease land and purchase equipment for a facility by hiring a contract manufacturer.

A contract manufacturer can produce your makeup formula, design a label for the product and package it for distribution. Because of economies of scale, contract manufacturers can make products at a cost lower than that of a startup manufacturer. And the good news is, cosmetics items can usually be sold at several times their original manufacturing price. You can sell them through small retail stores on consignments, at kiosks in malls, in your house, or in a rented space.

Makeup Company Startup Tips

  • The cosmetics market is a highly competitive environment to operate in. Put considerable effort in advertising your products through television, radio, posters (especially in malls), magazines (especially fashion and beauty ones, as well as those targeting women and girls), offer free make over demos, packaging, and catalogs.
  • Sometimes what it takes to succeed in the business is just a twist to an existing product. That is why there came up flavoured lipsticks and glosses as well as glittery eyeshadows. Think up of a novel idea for your own label. Who knows it just might capture the interest of a wide market.
  • There is a growing interest by consumers away from substances with ingredients derived from petroleum towards all-natural cosmetics. You can specialize in serving a niche market comprising of those who prefer products with non-synthetic ingredients.

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