Spirit Airlines to Charge Passengers up to $45 for Carry-on Bags

Spirit Airlines on Tuesday announced that it will be charging passengers up to $45 dollar for every carry-on baggage they take inside the planes starting August 1 this year. The company hopes to promote safer and faster travel time by slashing content of the overhead compartments of the planes.

Meanwhile, laptops and other smaller items that can fit under the seats will remain free of charge.

Starting August 1 this year, passengers of Spirit Airlines will find themselves charge by as much as $45 for their carry-on baggage following announcement by airline executives on Tuesday.

Spirit Airlines said that they will only charge passengers with carry-on bags that would require space to the overhead compartments of the plane. Meanwhile, smaller personal items like purses and laptop computers that can still fit under their seat will remain free of charges.

The move by Spirit Airlines snatched the attention of many industry experts who said that big airline executives would be glad that the company has tried the charging system first.

“I really think that it is a big gamble for any airline company to charge passengers for their carry-on baggage. I don’t think that anyone in the big airline companies would go this far,” airline consultant Jay Sorensen.

Sorensen, who specializes in airline fees, said that there is no real guarantee that the charging for carry-on bags will even spread into bigger airliners. As of Tuesday, No major carriers across the Unite States have changed their fees.

Meanwhile, Spirit said that the new charges for carry-on bags will be at $45 if customers paid at the gate and only $30 if paid in advance. The company added they will be slashing about $40 in passenger fair on average trips, adding that people taking their carriers will really not pay for the carry-on.

Also, those who have paid for the overhead bins will get the chance to board the planes earlier.


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