Sharp to Launch Android-based e-Book Reader by December

In an effort to take major shares in the emerging e-book market, Sharp Electronic Corp said that it will launch a new digital book reader called the Galapagos, which runs on Android operating system.

The new Galapagos will directly compete with the iPad, Galaxy, and other e-book and tablet computers in the market today.

Sharp Electronics Corp has announced plans to enter the digital book market with the launching of its new e-book reader in December, called the Galapagos, which is run by Google Inc’s Android operating system.

According to Sharp, it is now finalizing talks with US-based wireless company Verizon Wireless for the much anticipated launch, which will include some 30, 000 e-book and e-newspaper titles.

With tough competition from Apple Inc, Sony Corp, and Samsung Electronics, Sharp is now setting one million sales target within the first year.

The new Galapagos will come in two different sizes or models – one with a 5.5-inch screen and the other one with a 10-inch interface.

The company said that they have intended to design two different models of the Galapagos, allowing it to compete with other devices that are already out in the market today.

Sharp added that comparison among the earlier e-book readers cannot be avoided, saying that the new Galapagos is meant to compete.

The Galapagos will also have a colored LCD screen and a glossy finish in its casing, which can pose a real threat to the iPad, which has been dominating both the e-book market and the tablet computer segment.

There are also future plans to add wider e-commerce services, video, music, and web browsing capability to the new device as the company takes full advantage of the Wi-Fi connectivity of the Galapagos.


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