Toyota to lay down its “Global Vision”

After suffering from the worst recall mess in its history, Toyota Motor Corp. is now heading to a new direction under its president Akio Toyoda as the world’s largest carmaker strives to reorganize itself within the next ten years.

The world’s biggest car manufacturer Toyota Motor Corp. is expected to reveal the management’s vision for the next ten years as the company puts the worst safety crisis behind.

Company officials said that Toyota Corp. president Akio Toyoda will make the presentation in Tokyo at 4 p.m. (0700 GMT) on March 9.

Dubbed as “Toyota Global Vision for 2020,” the plan will outline the carmaker’s vision for the decade – which is expected to include the development of more hybrid cars and commercialization of its humanoid robotics unit.

Also, the company is expected to highlight the development of next-generation mobility in a community-wide basis.

Many analysts expect the new management outline to follow the general direction, which was announced earlier by Katsuaki Watanabe (Toyoda’s predecessor).

Just last week, Toyota subsidiary Central Motor has opened a new factory in Japan, which has all the latest technology with regards to production and assembly line techniques.

Toyota hopes to adopt the manufacturing technology to its factories worldwide, following the worst recall mess that has hounded the company in the past two years.

Many investors are now waiting for the announcement following reports by Nikkei business daily that the new management plan would include cut in the number of directors in the company’s board.

According to Nikkei, Toyota plans to slash its board of directors from 27 to at least 10 or 15 persons to help make faster decisions amid tougher global competition.


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