Research Shows Netbook Shipment to Double This Year

As sales of mainstream laptops flattened worldwide, netbooks are making the most of it by shipping more than 32 million units before the end of the year.

The sales of netbooks are expected to double with pricing and size now an issue to most consumers.

A new research study conducted by Display Search showed that the shipment of Netbooks will double this year as manufacturers are taking advantage of the flat sales of mainstream laptops.

Based on the results released on Monday, Netbooks manufacturers are planning to ship out more than 37 million units, almost doubling last year’s 16.4 million, as market demands for netbooks with improved hardware and a more competitive pricing increase.

Laptop research Director of Display Search John Jacobs said that netbook market will eat a large chunk of mainstream laptop market.

Earlier reports told that laptop shipment will range from 125 to 129.5 million for this year while netbooks will shipment was forecasted at around 27.5 million.

Jacobs said that consumers are now eyeing to buy netbooks mainly because of its pricing. Netbook prices range from US$300 to $500.

The improved features of these netbooks also help in its jumping sales. Jacobs said that better software and hardware, larger screens, and other improvements were now doing its part as more and more people are now shifting to a smaller and more compact device.

Better graphics and operating systems also helped increase the netbook demand. Reports of a 12-inch display for netbooks are on the way and costumers are lining up in stores.


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