Wal-Mart Plans to Put "Green Rating" to All Products

In an effort to pave way for the "green revolution", US retail giant Wal-Mart has announced its ambitious plan to provide a "sustainable index" to all its products that will reveal information such as what materials were used in the product, the amount of resources needed to make this, and its impact to the environment.

US retail giant Wal-Mart announced its plan to provide "green rating" to all its products, giving consumers an idea if the good they are about to purchase is environment-friendly, or if its manufacturing has resulted to a substantial amount of greenhouse emission.

While the company expected that this “green idea” will take five years to be completed, it said that it will have a great impact to its business and to consumers who are becoming more concerned about the environment.

In a press conference, Wal-Mart executives said they will start developing their “sustainable index” by asking their thousands of suppliers a 15-question survey that will ask some relevant information about a certain product such as: the materials used, the amount of resources used to make the good, and its impact on the environment.

Meanwhile, the company has not yet decided where to put the “green database”; however, some officials said they are considering to make this compatible to smartphones. By simply putting these devices in front of a product, consumers can access the embedded information—an idea most Wal-Mart executives envision and consider to be the most viable.


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