World Leaders Prepare for Economic Conference

With the looming global financial crisis, economic leaders from more than 60 countries will meet on April 2 in London to discuss solutions to various economic problems including high unemployment rate, slow market growth, lowering living standard, and credit crunch.

Meanwhile, experts said that world leaders should have a united stance to deal with the ongoing recession.

World leaders are preparing for the upcoming economic conference that will be held on April 2 in London. With this summit, delegates from more than 60 countries will discuss solutions on how to deal with the financial crisis.

Meanwhile, experts said world leaders should reach an agreement which can prove to be beneficial for the global economy, adding that the crisis can worsen if countries will fail to settle its differences just like what happened during the 1930s Great Depression.

In an interview with BBC radio reporter, British Finance Minister Alistair Darling said that world leaders today should not repeat the mistakes of the past which resulted to prolonged recession.

Today’s recession is also plague with mounting disagreements and differences. US President Barack Obama has urged European Union (EU) members to inject stimulus to the economy, but this was unheeded as the latter believes there are more constructive ways to deal with the problem.

Meanwhile, experts said disagreements among economic leaders during the London summit will likely to happen as there are different political constraints in each country which means that leaders are seeing different solutions because the nature of the problems is diverse.


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