World's Largest Bookseller Launches Largest eBookstore

Bookworms everywhere can now buy their books through Barnes and Noble, Inc's eBookstore.

The Company said that the eBooks that they are selling can accommodate any available platform from iPhones to full-sized desktops making it more user-friendly.

World’s largest bookseller Barnes & Noble has launched on Monday the world’s largest eBookstore with more than 700,000 available titles and can be downloaded using different platforms.

According to the company, the new Barnes& eBookstore will provide users with top selections and will enable them to buy these eBooks at very affordable prices. It can be downloaded using different platforms including iPod Touch and iPhones, Smartphones like the Blackberry, and can even run on both Windows and Mac.

Also, the company will be the only eBookstore distributor for the Plastic Logic eReader device.

One of the most common things that users go for Barnes & Noble is its pricing, a company manager said. He said that at the eBookstore, users can buy new books and other bestsellers at around $10, making it a lot cheaper than conventional hardbound novels.

By next year, Barnes & Nobles expects to increase eBook selection to over a million titles. This already includes titles from eBook and other publishers.

To date, there are more than 600,000 public domain book available for free download in Google. Users can download even the rarest of books and others that are hard to find now a days. All of these will be available in the upgraded version of the eReader.


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