Open a Motorcycle Junk Shop

If you want to start your own motorcycle junk shop, you must comply first with the local requirements like registration, licensing, and other important matters. Find a location for the junk yard and the warehouse.

You must have exceptional buying and selling skills to succeed in this type of business.

The world is suffering greatly from the inadequate means of disposing wastes. If you want to lend a hand in protecting the Earth, you can start a junk shop. This will allow you to recycle some parts or materials and aid in proper disposal of junks. Since this type of business can have different focus or target, you can opt for motorcycle junk shop since a lot of individuals these days own one. This is a small scale business that requires a smaller capital amount which is great for new business owners. It is possible to earn great profits if you’re hardworking and creative.

Opening a Motorcycle Junk Shop

You can find junk shops anywhere and this is an indication that the income stream is good. A motorcycle’s parts can include plastic, aluminum, copper, and steel products. It is important that you settle all legal issues of the business before you start with the actual operations. You should check with the concerned city or county office to find out the requirements and the fees it involves. You will also need a tax ID number for the business for taxation purposes. Among the fixed requirements are registrations, licenses, equipments, vehicle, and insurance.

You will need to lease out a buying station which should be at least 30 sq m. It’s best to get a bigger a location where you can have the warehouse to store the motorcycle parts but if this is not possible, you can settle with this alternative. All junks should be stored in a covered area to protect it from bad weather. A junk shop will also need some manpower and certain equipments. However, you will only need 1-5 employees that are hardworking and trustworthy. This will include a driver, helpers, office assistant, and you as the general manager.

You should set up an office on the location and you will need to purchase some office supplies, calculator, tables, chairs, and computer with internet. Aside from that, you will also need weighing scale, push cart, and some tools like steel saw, pliers, screw drivers, vice grips, hammer, etc. You can use a business plan to guide you just in case you’re lost and you’re not sure what to do. Daily accounting practices should be observed to keep track of all income and expenditures. It would really help if you have accounting software. You will be doing lots of buying and selling, so you must possess great communication skills. Start with the promotions to enhance your market visibility.


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