Starting Copper Soldering Business

What do you need to start a copper soldering business? What are the Kinds of Copper Soldering? What tools will you need for this kind of business?

Soldering is a skill and you need to have experience or practice to learn this kind of job.

If we are attaching or joining to metals together using a melted filler metal, then we are doing the process of soldering. There are different kinds of soldering. If we will put up a business what services will you offer?

First to know the basic equipments that you will need for your copper soldering business. As start up you will need an electric soldering gun, soldering irons, solder wires, flux (cleaning solution for copper), propane torches, and pipe master professional. If you can afford you may have an auto soldering machine as well. Protecting your eyes by using eye covering and hand gloves to avoid burns is also required.

There are different ways of soldering copper; it can be jewelry, pipes, sheet metals, tube and fittings, depending on the skills that you have acquired.

Ways to Start your Soldering Copper Business

If you are planning to start a soldering business you need to consider how much capital will you need to start? You may also have the option of getting a business loan from a bank to help you start. You need to separate your home budget from your business budget for you to know if the business is capable of returning your invested money.

You also need to consider your location, the best place you can start your copper soldering business is in a commercial area, as your potential customer will be able to reach anytime that they will need soldering services.

Registering your copper soldering business is important by obtaining a license and a permit to allow your business to operate, especially in retail areas.

You may have the option of creating a business plan for you to know what are the things you need to improve on and what needs to be maintained. You may consider having staff that can help you, within the store premises or workers that can provide home service as there is copper soldering that requires piping and tubing service.

Completing your copper soldering tools or equipment is a huge help, you may try searching online to get the best quality tools or you may also consider buying second hand tools.

For your advertising needs you may want to give out leaflets, post ads online through website or you can use facebook or twitter. Word of mouth is still an effective way of advertising your newly established copper soldering business, by asking referrals fro relatives and friends or from repeated customers.

Having a copper soldering will help you be more profitable if you are creative you may turn your soldering business into beautiful artworks with distinctive designs and have it displayed on your shop as it will attract potential customers.


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