Marketing Your Catering Business

The continuing success of a certain catering service depends on the quality of service. Remember that there’s no advertising scheme or marketing strategy that can help a bad caterer to survive in the business. From service, service to food must be all excellent. The pricing should also be competitive too.

Even if you are already an expert caterer, it is nice to know that you need to be an expert marketer as well. According to competition is one of your main issues that you need to consider.

Corporate Catering Promotion

Marketing catering business is not an easy task because you are going to compete with newcomers who offer low prices as well as the solidly ingrained business. But there are means and ways on how you can able to run your catering business smoothly with no worries.

Evaluate Your Marketing Plan

From time to time, it would be nice to evaluate your marketing plan for your business if it still effective and relevant. Assess your status like the number of clients you serviced, the best and effective advertising. You also need to evaluate your advertising if it still working or not, sometimes you need to consider on the clients that you will need to drop, doing this can surely help you to come up with the best options for your catering business.


In any game you need to know your opponents strengths and weaknesses right? This is just the same as the catering business, it is very important that you have the idea or information regarding you competitor; you need to know the kind of service they offer as well as the food and the staff too. By determining your competitor you can now have a clearer understanding on how you can be on top. It is also the best way on how you can improve your services because you know it’s tough and you need to step it up.

Recheck Price Points

Do not compete on the price alone because it is not the smartest thing to do to increase the profitability of your business. In this case when you have client be sure that there is lot of profit that you can get. It would be nice to check your total cost and weight them into your profit.

Offer more services

Another means to increase your profitability is to offer more services. Perhaps you can check your competitor and look for a chance on how you can offer new services that are unique and different. Always make your customers feel wow, each time you provide effective service. You can also try online advertisement via social networking sites or through blogging or making a website. Be sure to include the services that you offer and the complete contact information.


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