How to Write a Branding Print Ad

Nowadays when everywhere there is a glaring piece of advertisement, a professional marketer has to be especially effective in writing a brand ad that will achieve its desired results – that is to make people remember a particular brand and what it represents.

If you are writing ads to promote brands, here are some tips to create an effective branding print ad.

In this modern world of information overload from every aspect of people’s lives, a professional marketer needs every help he can get to create verbal advertisements that stands out. That applies especially to people who work to create brand ads. There are no specific rules on how to write effective brand ads, but there are universal “strategies” on how to make people remember a brand and what it represents at a higher level – a particular value for instance.
Yes, value. Because brand advertising is different from a plain and direct advertising. Plain old advertising is simply directed at spurring people to do something, that is, to buy. But brand advertising is making people aware of what the brand means to their lives. It could be integrity, reliability, endurance, or something else.

Writing Brand Ad - Focus

And so the first tip in writing brand ads is to determine in precise terms, what the brand means. It means going back, down and into the core values of the company or business. What value does the company espouses? What is its mission? What makes it stand out? What makes people want to buy its products? Remember that the ad should promote what the company already do, otherwise, you would be creating only a mirage – a false reflection. And it will show. Everything will be a farce.

Writing Brand Ad – Appeal

After you have determined the company’s values, the next thing to think about is how to present your ad to promote the brand. The style, method and tone of your writing will depend much on your targeted audience -- on the company’s market. For example, if it is a bath soap, then it should appeal to the sentiments of mothers wanting the best health protection and hygiene to her family. In short, it should appeal to your targeted audience. It should fill one of their most basic and integral needs or desires whether physical or psychological. Are you promoting a health product? Then it should appeal to the general population’s yearning for a better quality of life.

Writing Brand Ad – Wording

The final tip in writing a brand ad, of course, is how to write it, or more precisely, how to word it. The basic requirements of a good writing apply to all types of writing, including brand advertising. Your copy must be accurate, direct, precise and use the right words while being interesting. As every good writer knows, an interesting copy is that which runs as if the writer is just talking to you. It should not sound like a sermon or a memorandum. It must be conversational. It should sound like your neighbour talking to you. It adds to the authenticity and relevance of the brand ad.


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