Free Online Classified Advertising

Online classified advertising is now the popular way for people to let others know locally and internationally about what they need or what they want to sell. It offers several advantages over traditional advertising, among them, being free.

Do you want to know some sites that offer free online classified advertising? Read on from our basic guide.

Newspaper listing used to be the main venue of classified advertising for people wanting to buy, sell or get something done. The ads for apartment for rent, help wanted or car for sale are classified as to categories and people looking for products or services go to that section to find what they want. Now in an era where the Internet has become a market hub, online advertising has become the “in” thing for the Netizens.

Advantages of Free Online Classified Advertising

Online classified advertising offers several advantages over traditional classified advertising. One, it can reach a wider market, not only categorically, but more importantly, geographically. Second, it can reach potential customers faster, literally at the click of the mouse. Third, in some cases it can provide immediate buyer-to-seller interaction, which is impossible for traditional advertising. But the most important advantage of all, you can avail it for free. Unlike newspaper advertising in which you have to pay a considerable amount to have an ad space, online advertising is free in many Web sites.

Sites with Free Online Classified Advertising

If you are someone wanting to post a job ad, a service, gigs or what-have-yours here are some sites that offer free online advertising:

  • Craigslist is on top of the list with billions of views monthly. It has a wide range of categories and has a worldwide reach. Some postings are for a fee, but almost all are free.
  • Another is USFreeAds, which is good if you want interaction with users.
  • Wal-Mart has also joined in the bandwagon with a feature that allows advertisers to have their ads placed higher on search results for a fee.
  • Blue Planet Classifieds is another. This site offers help in making the post more detailed and catchy.

In order to post, you’d have to click on a link that will show you a form to fill up with the details of what you want to advertise. After filling this up, you’d usually have to click a button to complete the task. You may have to confirm and verify the post before the ad becomes live. If you want to post something on any of these sites, make sure it is not illegal or inappropriate. These sites have a system of removing prohibited announcements. Also check on some of their policies as well as restrictions on what items you can’t post.

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