How to Advertise

What is advertising? In simple terms, advertising is a public promotion of a particular product or service.

However, not all advertisements may be considered as "click" to the viewing public because of the growing awareness of people that they are only being manipulated by these ads.

Advertising is the public promotion of a product or service. So, how would a business be assured that its new advertisement campaign will hit the target audience and increase traction? And how can they have the maximum effect they want without the burden of advertising cost?

Here are several things that they need to remember:

First, a person or a group must do a “brainstorming” and decide on what particular type of advertisement they need.

There are two types ad advertising. The first is a brand advertisement campaign, which focuses in building the reputation of the brand that is needed to meet increases in sales like tagging Gucci bags in high-class fashion. The second is the immediate ad campaign, which is specifically designed to make immediate reaction to the people like a SALE sign in a store.

Second, know how much the budget for the particular ad will cost. A business person should remember to put a price ceiling on whatever type of advertisement he wanted to use. According to the US Small Business Administration, at least two percent of the gross sales of a company should go to advertising while some experts believe that the figure should be at least five percent.

Once the budget has been decided, then the person can now choose a medium. This ranges from television, radio, and print ads, as well as online ads. The medium should be able t reach your target audience through demographic reach, consumer reference, affordability, and target audience. Remember, repetition of a name or catch phrase is the key to success in every advertisement, so place as many ads you can afford.

Third is to create the advertisement. The budget and the type of advertisement that the company have chosen will dictate how it will come out in the selected media.

Fourth is testing the advertisement. One of the best way for people to know if they are in the right track with their ads is by testing it to a small number of audience before releasing it to the mainstream media. This will help them know if there are adjustments needed to be made and even help avoiding costly mistakes.

Fifth, after testing the said advertisement and making the necessary adjustments, the company or person can now roll out the new ads. All the preparations that they have made before the actual release of the advertisement will make its significant mark in each viewer and the profit for the company will soon materialize.


Roll it out: Once you are convinced (by your test) that you have an ad that works, and once you know which media sources will offer you the biggest bang for your buck, then you can safely place the ad. In fact, once you have found an ad that works, use it in as many places, and as often, as you can.


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