How to Start Your Own Karaoke Business

The karaoke's popularity is only gaining momentum as time passes, and many entrepreneurs are planning on setting up their own karaoke-related business. The primary thing to consider about setting up this kind of business is your finances. Your financial standing will lay the ground work as to what kind of karaoke business you wish to establish. For micro entrepreneurs, you would only need a list of karaoke machine makers and your own supply of karaoke machines for rental.

For those who wish to set up KTV bars and lounges, you would need several things: financial backing, location, a sharp lookout with competing business establishments, and acquiring the necessary papers for your business. Karaoke businesses, of almost all kinds, are sprouting like mushrooms in almost every country in the world; and why not?

There seems to be so much breathing room for expansion with this kind of business. Apparently, karaoke’s popularity is only gaining momentum as time passes. It is amazing that less than 40 years ago, this word was never been seen in any dictionary – yes, not even in Japan. Today, almost everyone knows what karaoke means, and even what is originally stands for. However, many people are pronouncing it with a “western twang” often saying ‘kar-ee-OH-kee’ rather than the Japanese pronunciation ‘ka-rah-ok-e.’

Starting this kind of business may or may not be pricey. It really depends on your budget and what kind of karaoke business you wish to run So first check your financial standing and see how much of an overhead you wish to invest. This will lay the ground work as to what kind of karaoke business you wish to establish.

Some karaoke businesses need as little as one coin-operated karaoke machine, a microphone and a willing singer. In this case, all you need is a tiny place to place the machine, preferably some place that is either sound-proof or so far away from people who might possibly not wish to be subjected to all that singing. Undeniably, this sort of micro-entrepreneurship is thriving. In fact, you might even find one or two of these coin-operated machines in the most unlikely places: in malls, in bazaars, in fairs, etc. Other forms of micro-entrepreneurship that are karaoke related include online selling of karaoke machines and karaoke machine rentals. This entails owning a list of karaoke machine makers, where you act as the middleperson between supplier and buyer and your own supply of karaoke machines for rental, respectively.

The evolution of the karaoke technology has forevermore given rise to the word KTV or karaoke TV. This is due to the advent of the karaoke box: a standard karaoke machine connected via fiber-optic links that provides instant high quality music with video and with accompanying song lyrics. This then gives rise to the popular night entertainment establishments like karaoke bars and karaoke lounges.

This type of business needs a lot of financial backing. KTV bars and lounges cannot be web-based for very obvious reasons. You would therefore need to find a location for your business. Anywhere in the city where the night life is active is a perfect place to start this kind of business. There are some things to look out for, nonetheless. One is competition among other KTV bars and lounges. Another one is the possible noise restriction, and this can be easily checked by studying local laws and regulations concerning the setting up of new businesses.

Also, if you are serving liquor and alcoholic beverages in your place of business, learning the local laws and regulations is helpful. You will need to apply for permits and licenses then, not just for your KTV bar / lounge, but also for the liquor and alcoholic beverages you plan to sell. It should be noted that on the onset, a KTV lounge was not a place where liquor and alcoholic beverages was once served. These days, the line between a KTV bar and a KTV lounge is somewhat blurred, and both establishments now have the liberty to sell food and drinks should they wish to.


  • ojen said on January 30, 2010
    Cafe/Bar/KaraokeBox(2-3rooms). Queen st. and Jameson st. Toronto, ONT Canada. please help me in starting this business.
  • paul brewer said on March 27, 2010
    I would like to start my own karaoke business. My son gave me a idea of a karaoke lounge. The concept is to start with six individual (5-10 people) karaoke rooms and one large (25-50) room. It sounds simple, computer controlled and operating from a single serve type device over a LAN. However, I don't know enough about the necessary equipment required from a single song bank to the end user. I've looked at dozens of equipment sites but none advertise equipment and accessories that do what I envision. I'd like a list of server equipment, connectivity, and end-user equipment. Also. sources to buy. I need this info for the business plan. Thanks Paul Brewer
  • June Yoon said on April 27, 2010
    I have a 2500sqt space in commercial zoning in Aldergrove B.C Canada. I am going to use 1250sqt for a cafe and 1250sqt for karaoke rooms. I have been a cafe business for many years, but a karaoke bar is a first time. I need to know what kind material is the best for a sound protection. Also, what is the newest karaoke machine, and how to download the new song which how can I put in the equipment. I need that English, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnam songs for customers
  • Rainbow said on July 22, 2010
    I would like to start my own karaoke business, we will start with 10 individual small karaoke rooms, and one open place. I want to know what kind material i need to buy.(computer controlled type) we focus on the international customer. and we want the system all the time update. we would like to get the list of the equipment we will going to buy. thank you.
  • KyawSwa said on July 29, 2010
    I want to start karaoke business, i have all necessary equipment and enough pc for my business. But I have problem.......I don't have any software to control. I will use one PC per one room and then I will save all song on the server. Is there any software that can use like that? Please help me
  • Doug Glesne said on August 31, 2010
    I have started to sing country western classic music but I need instrumental background music as I don't play guitar or anything. Please advice me how to set up to get background music. Thank You.
  • Uni-voice said on December 25, 2010
    Me and four of my friends have been planning and in the works of opening up our own karaoke bar/lounge. We have everything planned and now we just need the start of cost. I got a great deal on a spot. It is 10k square feet and charging 6000 per month. I'm starting out with 10 rooms and a big lounge area. I need an estimate price on karaoke systems and tvs. Also any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • Shawn Nguyen said on December 31, 2010
    I would like to start my own karaoke business, we will start with 4 individual small karaoke rooms (6-10), and one open place. I want to know what kind material i need to buy.(computer controlled type) we focus on the international customer (Chinese/Vietnamese/Korean. etc) and we want the system all the time update. we would like to get the list of the equipment we will going to buy. thank you. Also what kind of material I need to sound proof the walls. Also how much space do you think I need to get. Also a cafe.
  • Aishath Rasheeda said on January 28, 2011
    Me and 3 of my friends are planning to open a karaoke cafe', start with 2 individual small karaoke rooms (2-6), and one open place. I want to know what kind material i need to buy.(computer controlled type) we focus on our own community who loves singing English & Hindhi songs and we want the system all the time update. we would like to get the list of the equipment we need to have and an estimated pricing for equipments. thank you. Also what kind of material I need to sound proof the walls. Also how much space do you think I need to get. Also a cafe.
  • Tshering Phuntsho said on April 21, 2011
    i would like to open small karaoke club with some drinks available. I would like to know in which place would it be best in the area of Bts in Thailand. i also would like to know how to attract the customer and which kind of customer will they come. I am planning on the project but have no idea how to get started. So i can i get started and how can i get all the materials that i need.
  • wobbs said on April 28, 2011
    Hi I would like to start my own karaoke business, to run in conjunction with my DJ work. Where can I find the correct song format to be able to do this? I'm not interested in midi format.
  • Gao Meng said on November 4, 2011
    I interested in having a karaoke. but I don't know to start
  • Marc said on November 18, 2011
    Hi! I'm looking to start a Karaoke Business in Switzerland. I was wondering if there are recommended machines and what is the best way to obtain the KTV content? Especially how does updating work? Are there services that provide frequent updates of popular songs? English and Chinese required, German would be a huge plus. Thanks!
  • jihane mrad said on December 13, 2011
    los angeles ,hollywood. i need to get the franchise of ktv karaoke to open it in hollywood. how can i do that or the same concept with help with all the equipments and stuff and if i can get some of the resources to contact them and deal with it
  • grace francisco said on January 21, 2012
    manila, philippines, hi me and my two friends are planning to establish a karaoke bar, please share as some info on how to start. thanks
  • lyzakim said on March 11, 2012
    hi,,me and my husband planning to open a karaoke or ktv bar.but i dont know if how to starting.because this is my first time to handle the Business like this.i need this info for this Business.please help me,share as some info on how to starting.thank you
  • Elina said on April 9, 2012
    Hello, everybody! I would like to start my own karaoke business Illinois. There would 9 rooms and no open space. I don't know how to get karaoke, liquor, food license. if someone knows or someone has a karoake business in Illinois, please share ur experience! Thanks you :)
  • Helen Chambliss said on May 10, 2012
    My son married a Filipino and they wish to soon return to the Philippines to live. I was wondering if you knew of tourist locations with reasonable commercial buildings to purchase and also what would be needed to start up a KTV Bar and small cafe for basic appetizers?
  • Rose said on September 6, 2012
    Hi! my partner and I are planning to put up a KTV bar, maybe about 3-4 small rooms(6-10). We're from the philippines, btw. But I wanna know first how much would it cost us to start this kind of business. Information about this matter would greatly be appreciated.
  • carlo ras said on September 6, 2012
    what is the best and affordable sound system for ktv business? Ozamiz City, Phils.
  • wilson said on October 5, 2012
    United State, Philadelphia. My biggest concern is where do i start looking for the karaoke song licenses. How much are they and would you know any link? Thank you, Wilson
  • Isabel said on October 19, 2012
    I want to start my own karaoke combine with hall of events.which are the documentation that i need.
  • Rosie said on November 18, 2012
    My brother is a dealer for karaoke and selling all lights and sounds system in the Philippines. Want to buy? Contact me.
  • luann said on November 24, 2012
    Lexington NC. where can you buy karaoke cds. And what kind of software do i need for my pc?
  • danial said on January 19, 2013
    Hi, i want to start a karaoke business but i dont know what equipment i need n where t start. I'm planning on a karaoke in room from 4-6 people per room. location : malaysia. Please give me advice. i really appreciate.
  • Kshipra Dhindaw said on February 16, 2013
    Hi, this idea is appealing but before I start planning I need an estimate on the cost here, what sort of space do I need and other details. Can you help. Location India. Assistance Appreciated
  • DavidT said on March 18, 2013
    Atlanta, Georgia, Like the others, I've been checking on possible equipment and solutions to get a more up-to-date library for my clients. RSQ player is in one of my choices. Can you give me suggestions. I would like it to be a client/server network. I'm planning to build a 10 room karaoke shop with a open lounge. I'm looking forward to your advice.
  • chao guo said on March 31, 2013
    Richardson, Texas, i know where i can get equipment but i am wondering how much does cost for 10 private rooms, remodeling ect. and how could i find out if my city allow me to do karaoke business.
  • ivee japson said on April 14, 2013
    i like singing thats why i want to manage a karaoke business but i dont know where i gonna start.. i have a place its in the city and it have a 5 room. all the equipment are set for a karaoke business...
  • Daisy said on September 16, 2013
    Hi, I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and I am considering opening up a karaoke business. I am wondering where I could get furniture and equipment, and what equipment would I need?
  • Tabitha said on September 23, 2013
    I dont know where to go, to or how to get a license to open a karaoke bar, but its bring your own beer. Not a bar that sales beer. I plan on going to SingSnap, and paying monthly for online karaoke, instead of buying disks they have every song u could want. I live in ms, plan on opening in magee ms help please. Tabytha4klover @
  • Rosant said on October 2, 2013
    Hi, I am in the early stages of opening a sports/karaoke bar in Iceland, where I can combine both live sports and karaoke. in your opinion is it more feasibly to have few small rooms for 5-10 people each or a big open area with a stage? The place is 550 sqft. Furthermore, what is the latest technology on the karaoki systems, is it only run by pc or still large LD´s like back in the days. Regards, Rósant
  • Khanh Nguyen said on December 25, 2013
    Hello, I would like to start a Karaoke lounge in San Diego, California. I have no idea where to start, please help.
  • annie said on May 10, 2014
    i have cafe n ipoh. i would like to add in a ktv for my customers what should i do
  • said on May 26, 2014
    I would like to start a Karaoke Lounge in philippines but I am residing here in singapore. What should I need to do, pls advise. thanks
  • Michelle said on August 22, 2014
    Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines, Help me on how to put up a business, like a videoke bar. how much is the estimated amount of cost on how to put up the business and its materials.
  • mich said on December 13, 2014
    Philippines: I'd like to put up a small Karaoke bar here in our place. Where can I buy a complete set of equipment? can you give me an idea of much would I need to start and how much for the back-up.
  • L-jay jamaybay said on December 18, 2014
    id like to put up small karaoke bar here in our place. how much is the estimated amount? complete set of equipment? this is my digit..0595475445..plz repz asap.
  • Dyree said on January 7, 2015
    Hi, I would like to start a small Karaoke Bar in my Place Vienna, Austria. Can you give me an idea how to put up the Business, and how much is the estimated cost? and where can i get the equipment needed. Theres no good Karaoke bar here in vienna. thank you in advance.
  • Navin said on January 20, 2015
    Hi. I am keen to start a Karaoke Bar in Bangalore, India. Appreciate if you could help me put up the business plan, estimated investment and equipment details. Thanks.
  • p333 said on January 29, 2015
    Hi i would like to start a karaoke business in the Philippines was wandering about prices for equipment etc...anyone can help me please thanks
  • Jerry Ling said on April 30, 2015
    Hi i'm from singapore and i'm planning to start a karaoke business in manila . Could anyone share with me how much is the start up capital involved ?
  • Jay said on May 4, 2015
    Hi, I'm from Florida. I would like some suggestions on what brand of karaoke machine is the best. I've seen several brands at other ktv bars and also wondering if there is a single central unit where you can connect to each individual room. and also what is the profitability of this business? thanks!
  • kavita said on March 4, 2016
    Hi,I live in Atlanta, GA and planning on starting KTV bar, 4 rooms of 10 capacity+ a café space.I need details like,space needed, machines needed, what kind of connection to use for accessing songs from single library. type of insulation needed for sound proofing approximate cost? and links to buy/rent the machines, installment etc.
  • NICOLE DENNIS said on June 17, 2018
    I have read your article above but I still need a step by step advise on how to start my karaoke lounge and what equipment will I need?


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