How to Start Your Own Craft Shop

Perhaps you have a flair for art and you wish to earn money from it. Maybe you like to make wooden or beaded accessories and give them away to friends, and you want to earn money from it.

This article will help you start making money from your hobby, and teach you how to start a craft shop business.

It is said that the craft shop business is both attractive and lucrative as a business. It is extremely attractive because it gives people a chance to be their own boss, do the things that they love (i.e. art) and earn money at the same time. In fact, in the United States alone there are more than 120,000 professional craft businessmen according to data from the Craft Organization Development Association.

It is also lucrative because there is always a need for artistic accessories, since there will always be people who would love to buy art accessories due to their cheap price compared to jewelry. According to the CODA, American crafts businessmen earn as much as US$78,000 annually.

Given these attractive figures, it is not a surprise that you would want to join these craftsmen and earn money from your art. As promised, here are the most important things you need to have in order to start a craft shop business.

An Idea of Art and Knowledge of Business

It is not simply enough to start making beads or wooden accessories and sell them off to the market. In the crafts business, you need to have a unique concept that will make your own brand in the market for you. This concept will make you stand out among others, and not make you look like a copycat amongst the originals. Study the different art shops in your area (your competitors) and find out what concept you can come up with that will not make you a copycat of your established competitors.

Being a small-scale venture, art shop entrepreneurs handle both the artistic and the business side of the shop. This means that you alone are responsible for dealing with logistics while managing the creations of your products. This can be hard to do if you don’t have enough experience of being in a craft shop and knowing how it works. It is suggested that you work first in a craft shop and observe their workings before starting your own.

A Space for Your Shop

You can delegate an unused portion of your house for your workshop, however, you need to have a space for the craft shop itself where you display your craft and deal with buyers and customers. Ideally, the shop should be located near your workshop for convenient delivery of finished items but, it is also important to choose a strategic location where people can easily see your offerings and stop to see or even buy.


  • brijesh karekar said on January 10, 2011
    hi, we are running a very successful arts and crafts venture in goa. currently we are operating 3 stores in different locations in panjim . we are on the lookout for prime locations in calangute and colva. anybody owning such stores kindly contact on 98221 02995. email - thanks
  • brijer=sh karekar said on June 11, 2012
    currently we have 3 showrooms in panjim, goa, india. they are in diff prime locations of panjim. we would like to expand in other prime ares of goa like baga, anjuna, colva, candolim. thanks.
  • NARENDER KATARIA said on October 28, 2014


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