How to Start Grass Cultivation Business

Maybe you have a racetrack close to your home, noticed the demand for cultured grass, and realized its business potential.

Our article will guide you through the steps to start a grass cultivation business that can make you money quickly.

Grass cultivation is a good business, especially for those with a green thumb for successfully growing things. What’s good about it is that you can just set up the business in your backyard if the land is suitable! With this article, find out how you can use your backyard as a source of income while you do what you love most: maintaining your grass.

Choosing Your Land for Grass Cultivation

To start a grass cultivation business, you first need to know what type of lawn or soil you would be growing your grass in. The soil should have the ideal pH balance that will be healthy for your grass. You would also have to ensure that the area you’re using does not have trees with branches wide enough to block sunlight from your grass.

The following important factor in grass cultivation is the climate and weather of the area you will be growing. If you are growing grass for your lawn, this will not matter because there are grasses that are suited for specific locations. However, since you are growing grass for business, you need land in an area with a climate ideal for producing different types of grass that are in demand in the grass business.

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Choosing and Growing Your Grass

There are many different kinds of grass that you can grow, but not all of them can raise money for you. The ideal grasses you can produce include the famous Bermuda grass used for decoration and the clover grass fed to race horses. The clover grass is especially in demand now that standard horse breeds have become famous in the racing tracks.

You would also invest a considerable amount of time in taking care of your grass, which includes picking out pests and parasites from damaging them. An investment in insecticide would be required.

Grass Clients

Every business needs customers. Growing grass is similar to every farming business, like fruits and vegetables, and you need to establish contracts and agreements with specific customers to ensure your business's income.

One way is to establish an agreement with race track owners that will permit you to deliver fresh clover grass to the horses. For a slight charge, you can come and go from the stables every day to conduct your business. Delivering hay to horse owners can profit up to US$3000 for just under 400 hours in the summer.


  • nanjundan said on June 22, 2009
    it is a wonderful article of less known things like this, really this was helpful in viewing a new type of business and its uniqueness. i would be happy if you can suggest grass for cattle (cows) and how to begin with cultivation as i am planning to do cattle farming. i am from india, tamilnadu, nilgiris. the temperature averages at 23 degrees maximum to a minimum of 5 to 6 degrees... i would be really thankful to you if you can share your knowledge about this... thank you
  • jaimin vaishya said on August 11, 2009
    thanks for sharing such a good article..... my name is jaimin and i'm living in a sub metro city in gujarat called surat.... i am keen to start a grass business and i would be thankful to you if suggest me that which kind of grass will be used in construction to make gardens in a new constructed building or short garden development......thank you....
  • Rose said on September 15, 2009
    Good reading. Am interested in starting a grass growing business in kenya. The land is black cotton soil and will need irrigation. how much land do I need and any tips on what to grow?
  • YMA Harooni said on November 2, 2009
    This is interesting article, I would be happy if you can suggest grass for animals (cattle & sheep) and how to begin with cultivation. I am from Uganda, Jinja area and I have small farm where I have problem of feeding them. The temperature averages at 32 degrees maximum to a minimum of 21 degrees... I would be thankful if you can direct me for more information.
  • suriyanarayanan said on December 5, 2009
    I am having two jersy cows I want grass for the same. Where I get the transplantation grass plants. Regards, suri
  • VITUS NDAKIZE said on July 30, 2010
    Thanks for your article. I am vitus from arusha Tanzania, I got the land to cultivate the grass, i need the market so as to start.
  • S.KRISHNAMURTHY said on August 15, 2010
  • nobuhle magubane said on October 1, 2010
    I am a horticulture student very much interested in growing grass, but my main problem is that how do you find your customers?
  • Aruna said on October 23, 2010
    I would be happy if you can suggest grass for cattle (cows and buffaloes) and how to begin with cultivation as i am planning to do cattle farming. i am from india, Andhrapradesh, nilgiris. the temperature averages at 38 degrees maximum to a minimum of 23 to 25 degrees... i would be really thankful to you if you can share your knowledge about this... thank you
  • rajendra dev said on May 15, 2011
    Residing in pune maharastra do have land of 4 acres & want to cultivate cattle feed grass. Kindly guide at the earliest. Thanks, Rajendra Dev
  • Padmanaban said on August 28, 2011
    grass cultivation scope and business details for chennai
  • lokesh said on July 14, 2012
    i want to do lawn cultivation business and i want to know the market and what is the investment and roi. lokesh
  • nyam ayuba said on September 4, 2012
    i have small cattle want produce folder and sale also faten which is the best grass sp and legume etc to use from zango LGA Nigeria
  • ashitha said on September 12, 2012
    good article. it helps for knowing details about grass cultivation.
  • atik j pathan said on December 7, 2012
    i have a unit of 50 goats , i want to purchase green grass for them . where can i get this suppliers in pune
  • avinash rananaware said on December 25, 2012
    this is very useful to me & great idea. hai atik j pathan i want to purchase goats for farming please contact me 9623425075
  • ganesh said on January 5, 2013
    vashim Maharashtra India. i want know which grass are most demanded in India. for the bushiness purpose .
  • Vijay Jaiswal said on January 21, 2013
    I want to know! how much grass can be grown in one hector, cost analysis based on one yield per year during rainy season in Maharashtra state, Raigad & Ratnagiri Jilla. How many cows I can feed without buying Animal feed from out side, I want to be independent, have 2 hectors of land in New Bombay & 7 hectors in Chiplun. Please help. Vijay Jaiswal.
  • MAHAMUDUL HASAN AKHAND said on April 22, 2013
  • Roshan Prakash said on August 24, 2013
    please help me for grass planting for my dairy farm Deoghar JHARKHAND - 814112 with regards Roshan Prakash, 09401795919
  • ranjan pati said on October 29, 2013
    After 20 years service i want to involve in agricultural activity as day by day lad is decreasing and food demand is increasing. So i have plan for agriculture. Therefore for beginning i want with grass farming. i have 4 acre land in jharkhand. Now request you to guide me for better and good start so that i can and i will try to help other villagers who are leaving village for job. my no 9173565082.
  • umanath rao said on December 18, 2013
    I would be happy if you can suggest grass for the cattle . How to begin with the cultivation. I am from KURNOOL city, ANDRA PRADESH state INDIA. The temperature here maximum 38 and minimum 23 .we got a GOSHALA near our village.will you please share your knowledge about this with me? Thank you very much.
  • Doug H said on March 7, 2014
    I am think about starting Grass seed or sod farm and would like to know how much would be needed to start. I would be starting small with seed grass first and also would like to know which one would best for my area I live El Dorado Kansas USA. Please email me with the info. Thank you, Doug
  • DEEPAK Chandran said on August 2, 2014
    I'm deepak from palakkad, kerala. I'm planning to do mexican grass farming in field where we have done paddy. is it a profit worth business, or will it be a bodesill. i know it needs proper drainage n should prevent incoming cattle's. I would like to know about the scope of this farming. Waiting for your valuable counsel. Mail
  • Bidhu Bhusan Jena said on August 16, 2014
    I have interest to start grass cultivation for my "GOSHALA" where I have more than 300 cows. Please advice me how to start?
  • Kavitha said on October 6, 2014
    I am interested to start Lawn Grass, Clover Grass(for horses) cultivation in the south Karnataka. So how we should start, Whats the temperature required, and how the marketing conditions will be ?? Whom we should contact for the marketing or who will be the buyers of it. Please let me know the details. Kavitha
  • KathirGaman said on November 8, 2014
    Dear sir, I am interested to cultivate Saffron in Nilgiris district.Please let me know the suitable temperature or climate. With Thanks, KathirGaman
  • Pankaj M Nimbalkar said on March 19, 2015
    I want to start a grass lawn business required more details on it
  • sudarsan said on June 22, 2017
    where i can buy good grass seeds for cultivation? Please help me..!!
  • Raghunath expert adviser said on July 10, 2017
    @sudarsan, where are you from and what is your business strategy? are you looking for bigger/medium/small scale production?

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