Starting a Tree Farm

Starting a tree farm business will help in conserving and reviving the forest. This is the best business among all the green businesses available right away. In order to be successful, you need to plan and read about this venture.

You need to do some tasks and buy equipment to help you in making the tree farm business grow.

Tree farms or known as tree nurseries are forests that are privately owned and managed for the production of timber. Tree farmers are called to those people who managed these plantations. Most tree farms are certified by an organization called American Tree Farm System. Tree farms are usually established because forests are little by little being taken down and the effort of reforestation is not sustainable enough. A tree farm owner manages this certain piece of land for wood, wildlife and recreation. If you are a type of person who have the heart for conserving the environment, then starting a tree farm business could be a good business venture for you.

Planning to become a tree farmer is not that simple as you are not stopped with planting trees and seeing them grow. There are tasks at hand but don’t be discouraged as there are some tools that could help you with the job.

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Preparing the site

Choosing a location for your tree farm involves keen observation of the area. Site preparation includes hiring a logger that can help you in clearing the location of your choice. Remember to practice good logging techniques involve leaving behind woody debris on the ground. Clearing the whole area can give you the perfect ground to start tree planting.


Planting of trees

As we all know planting is done by using shovel and other tools. Make sure that before you start planting you know the basic of doing so in order to become successful. Controlling of the growth of weeds is very important during the first few years of planting because they can compete with the growing seedling when it comes to nutrients.

Putting property lines

When it comes to tree farm business, it is important to have a complete measure of your property in order to anticipate the growth of trees. There are a lot of instruments that could help you in doing this task. A clinometer is a sample of the tool that can measure height, diameter and circumference of a tree. This is good when you want to map out the growth of the forest.

Getting the harvest

After all the hard work, this is where the profit comes in. Before doing this, you need to have equipments that will do the job. Chainsaws, wedges, axes, logging tapes and a lot more are the tools when it comes to harvesting. It is important to keep track of everything that you do for future reference.

Taking Precautions

Your tree farm business should follow the guidelines imposed by forestry office when it comes to fire safety and protection. This way you are not prone to start a huge disaster.

Investing on Equipment

The property that you have is considered as your huge investment. The equipment and tools that you need are also part of this investment. A reliable chainsaw and tractor are essential ones. The market got a good selection of these equipments. All you need to do is research and compare prices to get the best one.

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  • Tyson Lohrenz said on February 17, 2009
    Thank you for the advice. My wife and I are a very hard working couple. She was raised on a Canola and Grain Farm up here in Canada. We are tired of working for someone else and have been looking at starting a tree farm. Should we start by purchasing seedlings or what is the fastest way to get established income coming in. I was figuring on a 5 year plan. Am I right to assume that? Sincerely, Tyson Lohrenz
  • robert said on June 8, 2009
    i have recently purchased 100 acres of cow pasture, I am excited to start my own business with this property, I am considering starting a tree farm but am unsure where to start, and if a tree farm would be the way to go, any advice and suggested reading??
  • Calvin Mathews said on June 11, 2009
    I would like to start up a tree farm, but not sure of what I need to do. I have 3 acres by our river front, that I would like to start growing trees. What are the tax laws, and other information that I need to know before I start. I live in New Mexico. Any help would be great. Thanks for your time
  • boniface mathew lesso said on June 12, 2009
    I would like to start a 1000 acres tree farming in tanzania. where can i get start up funds? what about carbon fund does it apply to my plan?
  • CLEMENT KARIUKI said on August 2, 2009
  • Ayiro Lwala said on August 16, 2009
    We are interested in starting a tree nursery and establishing a demonstration tree farm in Kanyibok village, Usenge Location, Bondo District-Nyanza Province, KENYA. Area is semi-arid and has suffered from severe deforestation. We have over 150 acres of land offered by the community for tree-planting. We are looking for partners who shall offer both technical and funding resources, in joint commercial venture.
  • ONYANGO PETER said on August 20, 2009
  • SHAWN DANIEL said on October 8, 2009
    i love the outdoors. i was in boyscouts and i planted tree and i want to start tree farm but i do not have the acres to do it or money and credit how can i do that. i want to start it in omer michigan
  • Jennifer Lacy said on October 22, 2009
    I have my own landscape company/tree service. For every tree I take down I feel two should go in the ground. We have been hit hard this year by drought and the pine beetle as well as other insects/pests taking over. Why not give back to Mother Earth by planting and growing more trees?
  • Dr. Meroka Patrick said on November 12, 2009
    Dear Onyango Peter and group of Migori, your idea is encouraging and always good ideas goes down, if there are no financial support. I will be in the country by next month and would like to visit your area and thereafter connect you to some people who can assist you. How much land do you have? It can happen to join you but from a different angle. Can you leave your contacts, village name, location, sub-location and the nearest market plus phone number. All the best. Kind regards. Dr. Meroka
  • Robert Koyama said on November 20, 2009
    my wife and I have 27 acres, border by a small river on two side, we are semi retired and consider a small tree farm to supplement our income in retirement. We are considering Column aspens as we heard they grow approx 4 feet per years and would produce income more quickly. Our land is in Granun, Alberta, Canada. Very small most would recognized Lethbridge as the closest major centre 45 minutes south east of us.
  • sammy said on December 1, 2009
    I have a passion of forest conservation, i come from marakwet district where trees are being felled deliberately for cultivating other crops. These crops although offering some monetary values annually in the long run the land is barren and infertile. i am interested in linking up with individuals whom we can spearhead the forest farms in my home district. Since most of the farmers are semi literate, A participatory approach can be used to sensitise them on the importance of planting trees not only for bringing rain but for commercial purposes. Think of what a farmer earns per year if he plants maize he will get between 20-25 bags if he does this for 15 years he will have gotten not more than 1 million kilos. But if one plants 3000 trees of cypress in 15 years one is ready to harvest 3000 x 1000 kg of timber convert this @!anybody to there with the same vision !
  • Sheri Jones said on December 10, 2009
    North Stonington, CT. My husband and I have over 100 acres of heavily wooded land. It's mostly oak, some of which needs to be harvested so that the other trees can grow in a healthy manner. We would also like to grow some type of Christmas trees in some of the acreage, so that are children can benefit and carry on the tradition of growing and putting the land to good environmental usage. We need expertise on how to go about analyzing the soil and what to cut and what not to. Where do we find this information?
  • Francene Ruffin said on December 28, 2009
    My mother has about 2 acres of land in north Florida. We are trying to start an income producing tree farm, possible evergreen trees(Christmas Trees) do you have any suggestions and helpful insight so we can maximize this land and generate income soon.
  • Peter M. Kingori said on January 24, 2010
    I have an infant organization registered as Maendeleo ya vijana wa kenya. It was registered in 2005 with a mission of addressing the plight of the youth especially in unemployment, drug abuse and HIV/AIDS. We've not been able to very fast as a result of not being able to agree on a viable project which has long-term prospects until of late when we settled on starting tree-nurseries which would otherwise aid in forest conservation in Kenya in the provision tree seedlings. Furthermore I have this great love in forest conservation. Now I am making an appeal to any available facilitator who could aid me in advice and also financially to acquire initial land. We are currently associated with some other groups which still are financially constrained. Please help
  • johnny so said on March 26, 2010
    148 mh del pilar street iloilo city 5000 philippines. hi i plan to introduce a new business set up in china which is to engage a pig farm then utilize the pig manure to produce compost, then use compost to supplement a tree nursery, then use the tree seedling from the nursery to produce tree farm. then will harvest the trees for sell to pulp and paper factories. please advise
  • Paul A. Kohut said on March 28, 2010
    How many acres and trees are required to be considered a "Tree Farm."
  • Edward Gath said on May 3, 2010
    My wife and I have 39 acres in western NY and want to start a business growing and selling trees. We have many sugar maples and Chery saplings growing on our land already, but they are only inches apart, how do we separate them without damaging them? So, what is our first step? and how do we start? please help
  • Gary Osadchuk said on June 23, 2010
    Weld County Rd. Hudson, CO. Looking at the questions, which several pertain to my application, I do not see any response. Tell me how this works? Gary
  • Andrew P said on July 4, 2010
    Seeking instructions on staring a tree farm in Johnson County Texas
  • Tiku said on September 20, 2010
    Dear sir: I love tree farming and contributing towards environmental conservation - but I also want my venture to be financially viable. I do not mind starting the business anywhere in the worl. I appreciate your advice and information on support. Tiku
  • Wasukulu Woodo Jimmex said on October 21, 2010
    Dear sir, i am from Uganda in small village called Pulaka in Kibuku District. I have embarked on tree planting on my 3 acres of land and i have so fa covered one acre, but i lack funds to necessary implements to cover the other acres. Is there any help that can be rendered to me? should i send my project proposal for funding?please advise me more on tree planting
  • Robert J said on November 29, 2010
    cattarugus county Looking to start a tree farm, i have about 5 acres of white and red pines full mature trees looking to take them out and grow some hard wood should i start from seedlings or saplings. what would be faster for money aspect
  • Keith Bradford said on December 11, 2010
    Looking to start a tree farm in south-central virginia on 21 acres. How to start and see what trees are on the land already.
  • kevin l said on December 13, 2010
    lafayette louisiana checking on christmas tree farm is 6 acres enough to be worth while. how many trees can be planted on 6 acres. what size trees do you plant to start out seeds or small plants where can one buy these and how much per plant. how long does it take to have 4-6 foot trees thanks
  • saurabh said on December 20, 2010
    Tree Plantation, India U.P. Please let me know how many tree can be planted in a area of say 1000 sq meters? may be if you can tell me bout area required for different trees. Thx & rgds Saurabh
  • muffin said on January 23, 2011
    Thank you for your interesting article on tree farming, unlike the other 26 people who posted before me, I am not under the impression that the comments section is in fact a forum. In fact I would go so far as to say it astounds me that so many people repetitively ask advice and questions regarding the subject of tree farming having seen not a single response to any of the previous questions. In short, if you are posting a question like, what are my local tax concerns, or how do i start tree farming in XYZ, you are probably an idiot. Use google, contact your local extension office, or join a forum related to the subject you are interested in. /end rant
  • john walker izaruku said on February 2, 2011
    sir, am uganda in west nile who have 200 to 250 acres and i`d already plant 5 acres of pine trees on ground, please kindly i need assistants and more plan remaining land
  • john walker izaruku said on February 2, 2011
    My problem is to plant trees more and more, shelling part of land or to wait 5acres group first? please advice from you sir.
  • Nzaramba Vincent said on March 8, 2011
    Am 36 years, married with three children, and of them are twins aged one year. i have a three acre piece of land and ready to purchase more when i get money for land is readily available here in Uganda. A part from politics, am interested in ensuring environmental conservation, and a non-suffering children especially in Africa. For business; my dream is to do forest business, and real estate business. i want to plant more than 10 million trees world over but my problem is finding long term financing partners. How can i get them so that i can fulfill my dream? Yours, Nzaramba S Vincent, Kampala, Uganda
  • Theresa Nelson said on March 24, 2011
    I am interested in starting a tree farm and greenhouse how do I find the funding necessary to achieve this? Grants, loans, etc.
  • ZAMAN IQBAL said on March 29, 2011
    i have 10 acre land in tanzania, i am planing tree farm pl help/advise how can street THANK
  • Brandon Mitchell said on May 9, 2011
    My family has approx 300 acres available for a tree farm of some sort. The location is Walton County, GA. Is sufficient space for a tree farm and what kind of trees do you recommend for this region. If possible, I would like to devote it to the more expensive wood ie cherry. Is this possible? Thanks
  • Catherine L Ahaisibwe said on May 27, 2011
    Hi Am Cathereine 34, and highly interested in starting a tree farm in Kiboga District in Uganda. However, I lack the funds to start the farm as much as there is free land my father has offered it can stretch to more than 50 acres and my goal is to establish 100 acres of forest farm. However, start up capital is my problem any one knows who can come to my assistance in form of a grant? will be grateful when someone contacts me. We can as well visit the site of the farm as well as get consent documents for land use from my father who has offered me the land.
  • Franklin Mwale said on June 4, 2011
    I am Franklin Mwale from Lundazi District Eastern Province of Zambia running a private owned registered enterprise known as KANELE LAND CARE. I have been raising tree seedlings together with my family and distribute freely to schools, tobacco farmers and community groups. I am just interested to see to it that the trees cut are being replaced so that the land remains evergreen. I have now acquired some land of about 150 hactares so that i start a tree plantation.I want to plant species like pine, eucalyptus and khaya nyasca. I am looking for a financial assistance in form of GRANT so that i buy machinery, tools and other materials to start the same project and also technical advice. Once helped it will create employment and reduce levels of poverty among the surrounding community. This will also help in the fight against climate change. Please help me.
  • Eklo kossi nogbe said on August 26, 2011
    i am Eklo kossi nogbe expertin nature conservation and community trees nursery and trees planting with several community in my region since 1997 in Ghana Volta -Region my region to help them and create employment and reduce the poverty among the surrounding community .we have several land to continue our work .with my knowledge and experience cant help and share my knowledge and experience to achieve the goal, fight against climate change .we need grant to support this project.
  • Nagesh said on October 7, 2011
    Hi , Thank you for the article. Am planning to buy 5 acres of land which is good for agriculture. But i like tree farming Please let me know the details : And I have plan to grow silver oak farming . Please help me .
  • Wayne Adams said on November 12, 2011
    I am a landowner in Brunswick County, Virginia. I am having 28 acres of timber clear cut, and re-seed them with hybrid pines. Can you advise me as to the requirements as far as how much acreage is required for it to be considered a farm. I also have a few acres of open land that I plan to plant hay to sell. I got my tax exempt status and tractor last year when I knew I would be starting this process. Any advisement would be appreciated.
  • Manbir said on November 27, 2011
    Hi i am manbir from india . I am a textile engineer but now i want to leave my job and wana start my timber business but i have no land or money! Is there any bank or financial corporation who can offer me 5 crore rupees loan on my diploma certificate for 10 years? Please reply me.
  • mahul doshi said on November 29, 2011
    I have land and have already started planting trees in semi arid area .I need guide lines on how to manage and legal measures to be taken.PLEASE ADVICE
  • Manbir said on November 30, 2011
    Excuse me friends . Please guide me for investment in timber business. i have full knowledge of this business but i have no investment. Anybody plz. Help me or contact me. My number is +919736905669. Or mail me ( I shall be very thankful to you
  • Maryclare Muramara said on December 7, 2011
    I have trees on a 10acre land in Saboti area Kitale which are now 5yrs old. When i planted them, i thought they would be ready for sale after 4yrs. I have no idea where to sell them. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  • Manbir said on December 18, 2011
    Mr. Maryclare plz tell me what is the average weight of your every tree. And how much average trees in every acre? Then i will tell you the second step( permanent solution)
  • Glorious muhwezi said on December 22, 2011
    I am also in tree planting project. i have planted over 1,000 trees and have enough land to plant more than that ten times but i am limited by finance as i am a fresh graduate with limited funds. i am in uganda , East africa. to contact me call +256774538535 or thanks
  • Maryclare Muramara said on December 28, 2011
    Thank you mr Manbir. I cant be sure of the weight exactly but probably 50kgs per tree and i was planting 1000trees per every acre. I have a total of 10 acres with trees. You can write to me through my email address,
  • sanjib said on January 2, 2012
    hi, I am planing to trees in 4acres of land. west bengal. Which is good for agriculture. But i want to tree farming pls advise me which tree profitable after 5years. please let me know the details in my mail id.
  • Vicent Onyango said on January 15, 2012
    hi i'm Vicent Onyango from Tororo Uganda. i have over 25 acres of land on which i intend to set up a tree farm in a seasonal swamp. The setback i have is inadequate finances to either access seedlings or prepare the land. This is a good investment, and i welcome any assistance. Together we conserve our environment. my email address is, and phone contact is +256784903214. Thank you.
  • Charles Francis Nangale said on January 29, 2012
    hi, i am Charles Francis from Tanzania. i have 25 acres of land on which i intended to set up a tree farm.I have inadequate money to prepare this farm.i am hereby need joint venture in this venture.I welcome you.
  • Mark Slater said on May 14, 2012
    Hello, I have an excellent parcel of fertile soil land in Eastern Ontario, Canada that I intend to establish a tree farm upon. I envision a sustainable tree farm that would start producing strong revenue stock within 7-9 years. I would allocate 10 parcels of 25 acres each (total 250 acres) to the project. I am seeking a partner who would live on the land (possibly with their family), managing and maintaining the tree farm. I would share the entire venture, including the land on an equal 50/50 basis. All costs and revenue would be split equal on a 50/50 basis. Interested parties should contact me directly for further clarification and discussion.
  • John Tanui said on May 24, 2012
    I have started a tree farm business, it's now in the 3rd year. I have used personal land, family land and leased land. Upto now I have over 80,000 Trees planted. My target is to plant over 20,000 Trees every year for the next 10 years. The challenge is land, quality seedlings and Correct management practices. So far looks potential and now seeking ways on how to make it Bigger and sustainable in the long run.
  • PUSHPA said on May 29, 2012
    our business location is shelburn, ontario. i bought 100 acre land, i want to start fruit tree farm. i need help to start.
  • Sara Müller - Okello said on May 29, 2012
    I am a Kenyan living in Switzerland. I have started my own tree nursery in Matsangoni, Kilifi county in Kenya. I own a 240 acres land in Hurara, Tana delta where I want to plant trees. The area is semi arid with a low rainfall pattern. I am looking for interested partner to join hands in sinking a borehole, buy a tractor and manage our tree farm. You can reach me at or tel.0041796727712
  • Mbuge Loy said on June 18, 2012
    it is 3yrs now from school am doing a small business were by i was able by now have saved ad bought three pieces of land ad have planted 3,000 eucalyptus trees,have got some one selling 10 acres of land but i don't have the money he needs, my ideas is am going to the bank to get a loan, am going to give the other three pieces of land to the bank as security,ad get the money to buy that land ad plant eucalyptus trees, approximately 25,000 to 30,000. I will be paying back monthly, i will get money from my business after 18 months or 2years i cut all the trees ad sell as small poles ad clear the loan, then they will grow again this time each stump will grow more than two trees which means i will be doubling or tripplingg each then i leave them to grow for timber for about 7yrs, Any one with any idea or assistance highly welcome,am in uganda, mukono district +256752449477 thank u
  • kazim rafiq said on October 1, 2012
    hy, i am kazim from pakistan punjab, i am thinking about tree plantation in area so kindly guide me that how many area is enough for plantation, and what kind of plant will give me a reasonable profit with reasonable time, thanks,
  • John Wales said on October 31, 2012
    Planting a tree farm actually helps destroy the forest, send animals into extinction, destroys ecosystems and damages the soil. have fun killing Earth you ignorant idiots!!!
  • mark christian said on November 1, 2012
    interested in partners to establish tree farm on ontario, canada. have own funds to invest with serious people.
  • Pastor Sserunkuuma Kyobe Moses said on November 2, 2012
    I am in Uganda Kayunga Town Council at a village called Ntoke, I have tree farm which has 20000 Eucalyptus trees this year. I feel joy to see my tree at 7 feet tall now. I would like to plant more tree on a 5 hectare land if I get partners to support me buy that piece of land. God bless those who plant trees. Moses
  • Joseph Amollo Ayienga said on November 11, 2012
    Hallo. I Joseph from Busia District in Kenya. Since last year I developed interest in Tree farm, I purchased five acres of land and planted Eucalyptus trees, my target has been that every year I should have a new tree farm, those which I planted last year are doing very well. This I planted two acres again that was in April and they are growing so well. My target is to purchase another huge piece of land by next year and plant more. Would you please advice me on how I can acquire the loan or get a partner with me in this business. Thank you.
  • ronald kipkirui kelly said on November 15, 2012
    i am an upcoming tree farmer with 5000 trees on my families piece of land. i intend to expand by acquiring more land. i would like to get in touch with any like minded people we pull our resources together coz this is a very lucrative long-term investment.i am from kericho riftvallex.john tanui and sammy from marakwet i like your approach please get in touch with me. also anyone interested, my number 254729789832,email
  • Karen Silverio said on November 18, 2012
    This is a great article, thank you! My mom has a 44- acre tree farm in the South of the Philippines. She wants me to take over in 2 years and I am willing. Is there a good business book about managing tree farms out there that you recommend? The trees we have are rubber, mangoes, coconut, durian, orange and banana plants.
  • Rick Nzinga said on December 23, 2012
    This is a very useful article. Please keep doing well. Thanks a lot. I am interested to start with this venture-business for my retirement. Do you think the climate and local conditions can help this venture in DR Congo, in surrounding area of Kinshasa? Thanks for the advise.
  • Patrick said on January 8, 2013
    I have land in Johnson county Texas and want to plant trees for fast growth and placement, possibly pine of some kind. Need to know contact of seedling obtainability and funding if available to get started.
  • manjeet said on January 27, 2013
    I am having two acres of land in Jhajjar distict of Haryana(India) and i want to grow eucaleptus trees in my field. Please guide me to get profit in eucaleptus tree farm. Thank you.
  • Mike said on March 4, 2013
    Florence Alabama USA - I want to purchase old farm land with cut over to convert to a wildlife managed property for camping, fishing and hunting. The land I am looking at has road frontage, cut over timber from 2002 and about 15 acres of pasture: about 135 acres in total. I would like to put a stock pond for fishing and to provide water for wildlife. I want this to be an long term investment 15-25 years but the man goal is to provide a place for veterans and handicap person to be able to enjoy hunting, fishing and camping in a remote type setting.I would like to set up a management plan that creates this in stages to help with planning and cost. I would like to have it setup and ran like a business or farm to help with taxes as well.
  • Kanyari John said on April 6, 2013
    Am based in Mombasa Kenya and south coast to specific, am already in this business a bit in small scale and looking out for sponsors or partners to take the business to a different level as we improve the environment. Any assistance will be highly appreciated.
  • parshil shah said on April 19, 2013
    I am from Gujarat having 60 acres of land. like to know about plantation of tree and its income. I want to plant trees that to indian mahogany... is it profitable if I sale it after 10 years.... pls let me know
  • Lilian Atieno said on May 2, 2013
    I want to start a tree plantation of 150ha in Muhoroni. The species i want to plant are the eucalyptus grandis for electricity poles as the farm is near River Nyando. I have my own capital to start off my business. My request was to ask on how do i go about these as i needed a proposal before i start off my business and if will i need to have a license for this business as this is my own farm?
  • BALUYE WAISWA said on June 27, 2013
    Horizon Youth Empowerment Community Transformation is a community based organisation (CBO) registered in Uganda. HYECT caters to empower the youth in education, health and biodiversity. We are writing to inquire to whether our organisation can partner with your organisation to undertake tree planting projects. Baluye Waiswa, Program Director, P.O. Box 87,Kamuli, +256-756-099300,
  • Laura Hyera said on August 5, 2013
    I am from Njombe Region in southern of Tanzania, I have 80 acres of pines tree farm of different ages from 1 year to 10 years. Now I'm looking for harvesting equipment and tools like chainsaws and tractor. Please assist me on how to get the best in terms of quality and price
  • Donna Winterfeldt said on August 26, 2013
    we are buying 5 acres in Wisconsin that is already a tree farm we want to continue to run it this way (evergreens) but we have no idea what that will take or what is expected of us to do in order to keep it that way. Sell trees? cut or dug out for transplant?
  • Adam Stelmaszynski said on August 27, 2013
    Smithville, Ontario, Canada. We are purchasing an 81 acre farm with 4,000 existing ten to twenty foot tall Eastern pines. Looking to tree spade individual trees for re-sale in the Toronto and Niagara Region markets. Looking to finance purchase of seedlings, shrubs, and small tree specimens. Any grants, loan programs available in Ontario to expand tree nurseries?
  • Emmanuel said on September 9, 2013
    I and my young have more than 4,000 pine tree that are above 5 meters high. in Kagera region, muleba disrict. It has not been easy as Tanzania has the highest deforestation and we are fighting to keep our area green without any help from anyone. We want to make a great forest but we totally looking strict partners and supporters. If you are out there and have a love of man made forests, please get back to me through or call me +255755544004. Thanks
  • bett Bernard said on September 26, 2013
    My name is Bett a farmer from Njoro, next to Egerton University, Nakuru County. I have 3 hactares which I want to plant trees for business. I was really challenged to see the escalating prices of timber and the current deforestation rate in our neighborhood. Which are the best trees to planter for timber. My contact is 0726-286-247.
  • denis rakewa said on January 5, 2014
    am denis rakewa from koru i have an accre piece of eucalyptus trees how can i make it more productive
  • rasik hapalia said on January 7, 2014
    hello sir, i am from Rajkot city Gujarat State india. i want seedling mahogany can you send detail for this. how much cost of seedling or other expense also when or how much earn from tree
  • SERWELLO CORTES said on February 23, 2014
    I'm a Filipino seaman working abroad, I have 8 hectars of rubber tree farm in Zamboanga del Norte. I want to expand my rubber tree farm, I would like to know how I may apply for financial grants & what are the requirements in applying?
  • anoop Singh saini said on April 2, 2014
    Sir i leave in uttarakhand, India. I want to earn by tree farming so I want to know what type of tree is profitable.
  • Teodor Muntean said on April 25, 2014
    Mahogany Lumber Plantation
    Location: Zamboanga del Norte, Dipolog City in the Republic of the Philippines.
    You do not have to plant or work for being an owner of as many as trees you want here at our farm. BitEnergi Philippines will take care of all jobs, you buy a tree and benefit from a non-volatile pension. A financially savvy investment that respects and even improves the environment truly makes sense. It is a low risk, extremely profitable venture. It cleans air and water, and creates homes for many forest animals. Everyone wins, including all the great-grandchildren yet to be born.
  • fiona said on June 16, 2014
    Hello to 16 Johnny... I hope you might think twice about this idea. The LAST thing the world needs is another pig farm. The mass over-breeding of animals is already causing so much methane it is damaging the environment more than all the cars and planes put together. We need to care for the environment and using animals who eat so much grain ( which takes it FROM people, including hungry children!) is bad use of land. If you want to ultimately raise saplings why not take a completely eco-friendly approach and look at a total plant-based approach which is more beneficial all round ( including to health as most cancers are coming from meat, cholesterol, saturated fats etc, today ) Its a recognized fact that more people can be fed if a field is used for grain rather than being processed through animals- plant based would feed around ten times more people. ALso are you aware of the CHEAPEST fertiliser known to man ? Please check out the HUMANURE TOILETS (human+manure) which are being increasingly used in africa. They produce wonderful top-quality and oderless manure at no cost... they are very effective and popular- and the manure is free!! Could I also recommend you check out some of the ideas at Farming God's Way which is a webiste (or related different websites ) which are concerned with ecological farming techniques which are proving to be highly effective. Please think twice before you go headlong into rearing animals...a look into Vegan ethics would show you why a different approach is not only more viable but better all round from health, economics and environmental reasons....Thank you for reading this! ( ps Gary YOurofsky's Best Ever Speech is one pro-vegan site thats eye-opeing in terms of health related to diet- but also Earthlings is another - Veganism related to the environment/ feeding world population can be found in google searches- a very intersting subject! I myself gave the vegan thing a try 4 years ago and my health improved so much ( arthritis all went, lost a lot of weight and general health improved) that I decided to stay vegan ....thats not the point of this but hope some of these ideas may benefit :) God bless x :)
  • Anant said on June 26, 2014
    26 June 2014, It is for your kind information is that 500 acres of agricultural land in India is available for plantation of forest. If you want to invest in India then contact immediately. Also find attached greeting prepared by me for inspiring people to plant a tree. Regards. Mr. Anant Bhalchandra Kulkarni, 'ANANT BUNGLOW, Plot No. 22, Raghukul co-operative Housing Society, Near Shri Ram Mandir, Karad Road, Pandharpur, Solapur, Maharashatra, Nation: India, PIN CODE 413304. E-Mail Id:, Mobile Phone No. +91 9860410855
  • Patterson Kajimalwendo said on July 5, 2014
    I have 150 hects of land would like to plan pine trees on 10 hects looking for contacts to help me buy seed
  • steven said on July 11, 2014
    I have 200 acres of land, i would like to plan teaks on 20 acres and 30 acres i want to know what type trees which of profitable?
  • Victor Okubasu said on September 19, 2014
    I am from Western Kenya and over the past ten years together with my brother Charles Okubasu and my dad Daniel Okubasu have planted over five thousand trees in small position of land we have in total out of the land we have over than 1/3 is under forest, our vision is to bring the lost forest in Busia District and indeed Western Kenya as well as making livelihood as well as others out of it.
  • chris mcmafcom said on December 9, 2014
    i have a thirty years old mahogany farm ready to sell with all legal documents and operational document. ready to pay a one way flight for observation and assessment to any interested purchaser. do contact me for more details.
  • James Magliocca said on May 15, 2015
    I am interested in starting a tree farm in Sutton west Ontario Canada. any information would be appreciated...
  • Obudho Oketch said on June 2, 2015
    I have planted 14,000 eucalyptus trees in my farm in Homabay County, Kochia Location, Oneno Village. It is increasingly becoming expensive for us to manage the plants on our own. The plants are three Months old and due to the favorable weather conditions at the moment, they are doing fantastic. Is there any possibility to get any grant of whichever way or from any source to enable us succeed in the long term plan we have to conserve our environment? Our main vision is to bring the lost forest in Homabay County and indeed Nyanza Region as well as making a livelihood to us & to others out of it. We are ready for partnership with any interested body. For more details, you can do an email, or as well you can call us on 0734 175808. Homabay County, Homabay, Kenya.
  • Stephen Godinich said on August 18, 2015
    I am interested in purchasing land to start a tree farm. I am interested in planting Black Walnut in an appropriate county here in Texas, or Lousisana. Is there a central publication I can study to help make the location, management, financial, and expertise decisions necessary. I am an Eagle Scout with three sons that are Eagles; we are interested in this for the environment and as a family business.
  • Kenneth odongo said on October 6, 2015
    Hi I am a kenyan living in nairobi, I would like to invest in tree planting in my home town of Awendo Migori county. Kindly advise as we have vast land lying idle. Kenneth
  • Catherine Odenyo said on October 17, 2015
    I have started a tree farm in one of the rural areas in Uganda. I intend to use part of this investment to support hundreds of vulnerable children who are not in position to continue with their education. Any assistance in the expansion of this project or ideas on where I can get support for the expansion is very welcome. My contacts are +256772450785 my email is
  • Jared Okeri said on January 6, 2016
    My career is based on planting tree, I have planted more than 6000 trees my target is to plant more than 200000 trees in the next five years coming. My major aim is to promote our environmental climate in our society. How can You help me to achieve the target. contact me
  • Gilbert said on March 1, 2016
    I am in kenya and would like to purchase mature eucalyptus and cypress trees. My name is Gilbert and my contact is +254722742298
  • stephen hooughton said on May 10, 2016
    Do some research yourselves or a course ADL learning trees produce oxygen fire wood pellets craft products medicine but christmas trees are pagan to a false GOD sol invictus not eloheem and incredible waste of work
  • Doe Dartey Believe said on August 10, 2016
    Hello Sir/Madam, Am Believe Doe Dartey, the director of an agriculture organization ,called WOCADO the aim is to promote agriculture in Africa ,to alleviate poverty ,for sustainable economic development .we have started with the growing cashew in the volta region of Ghana .we wanted to run a workcamp to propagate the cashew growing in the west Africa sub region. can you please partner with us or help us get us individual or an am an organization to run work .my contact is 00233208182848 and e mail we have already planted 30 acres of cashew already. thank you and hope hear from you soon. Mr.Believe Doe Dartey


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